Epic Session with Mistress Mesperyian and Mistress Ayn (long review)

The day before the session I received a text from my Owner Mistress Mesperyian with orders to have my nails done in a bright cherry red and that I was to wear a matching red bra and thong, black sheer stockings with a garter belt, a leopard jumpsuit, earrings and heels. I was to be properly shaved of all body hair and to wear red lipstick and eye makeup. The day of the session, Mistress sent me a text to pick up her dinner at a restaurant near her, and to go inside to pick it up while dressed En Femme. I collected her dinner and picked up my Mistress. We then proceeded to Mistress Aynís hotel for our 2-hour evening session. It helps that Mistress Mesperyian and Mistress Ayn know everything about be, can read me completely, and know how to push my buttons and screw with my mind among other body parts.

When we arrived, Mistress Ayn met us in the lobby and escorted us upstairs to her luxury suite. She took time to inspect how I was dressed and my makeup while my Mistress changed clothes. When the inspection was complete Mistress Ayn ordered me to use the bathroom and to remove my clothes except for the lingerie and then return. When I came out my Mistress was ready and ordered me into the waiting position while she and Mistress Ayn talked. I was interrogated until I confessed that not only was I a sissy, but had hidden the fact that I am a cock loving slutty whore who desperately wants to suck cocks. The Mistresses were not aroused and ordered me to walk sexily in front of them swaying my hips while they put on their strapon cocks. They were still not excited so I had to do this until they were convinced of my sincerity to receive their cocks in a way that would please them. Mistress Ayn pulled my panties down around my ankles and dropped a pillow on the floor in front of me ordering me to kneel and begin sucking her massive black cock. Mistress Mesperyian joined in and I had to get them both excited to show them I was worthy for them to top me. At times, both Mistresses forced me to deep throat their cocks to the point of gagging and gave me little time to get used to it, but they were lenient due to my inexperience. Both Mistresses said I will be getting much more practice deep throating their cocks and real menís cocks. I was continually reminded what I was a sissy slut and that they were proud that I had so willingly forsaken my manhood and accepted my status as an Owned feminized sissy slut. Mistress Mesperyian then attached her nipple torture vice to crush my nipples. Every few minutes the Mistresses would twist the nipple vice screw further to compress my nipples until then were flattened and in pain.

When the Mistresses were satisfied that I was ready and worthy to be topped, I was led to the bedroom by Mistress Ayn with my panties around my ankles and told to get on the bed laying on my back. Mistress Ayn complemented me since I left the panties around my ankles like a good little slut and she smiled. She began using different size butt plugs to expand my opening while Mistress Mesperyian shoved her cock in my mouth and down my throat. She then stood up on the bed over me and suddenly sat on my face completely covering my nose and mouth not allowing me to breathe. She repeated this action while Mistress Ayn continued with her anal stretching.

Mistress Ayn smiled and said I was ready ordering me onto my knees and instructed me to breath steadily and exhale each time she inserted her cock into me going deeper with each thrust. She mentioned how large my opening had become and that I was literally drawing her cock into me. Mistress Mesperyian approved while making me lick and suck her cock. Both Mistresses commented on my moaning as Mistress Ayn thrusted into me, making me ask for more and to move my hips to take it deeper. At that point, Mistress Ayn started ramming it balls deep and Mistress Mesperyian looked in my eyes telling me what a good slut I was and that she will begin planning for me to service many cocks and that I will soon be filled with cum from worthy men. Suddenly, Mistress Ayn started ramming me harder and faster spanking me and told my Mistress that I was ready for her larger cock. Mistress Ayn came up close to my face and was rubbing it, asking me how I liked having her cock inside me? I said I loved it and asked for more and with that she put her cock in my mouth and Mistress Mesperyian inserted her cock into me. It was much wider and would stretch me further so she moved slowly in and out at first adding lube as needed telling me how she loved having her cock inside me now that I was her sissy and reminded me that she owned every part of me. I felt like it was a dream because I had begged my Mistress to do this for 2 years, but she declined saying I was not worthy and had not earned the privilege. I was moaning louder and both Mistresses continued to say that they always knew how much I wanted real menís cocks and their cum inside me. Mistress Mesperyian said not to worry that she will make sure her sissy will get lots of practice eating cum, and that she knew I would do anything she wanted and could not wait to see cum dripping from my mouth and all over my face. Suddenly, Mistress Mesperyian pushed me down hard on the bed, grabbed my garter belt with both her hands and was brutally ramming her cock into me saying this is how a real man uses a cock, not a sissy with a tiny worthless cock like me, and I would feel the throbbing of her cock for days and kept slamming it harder and harder until she was satisfied that I had been properly used. She slid out slowly and I felt empty but that would not be for long.

I was then ordered to roll over and lay face up on the bed while Mistress Ayn rubbed my face noting how smeared my makeup and sissy lipstick had become, and Mistress Mesperyian began slowly inserting her cock back into me. Mistress Ayn reached over and squeezed my cock to collect the drippings from the slow but deliberate prostate milking and made me lick her fingers clean each time there were fresh drippings. Every few minutes Mistress Mesperyian would push a little deeper but the Mistresses were playing with my mind saying Mistress Mesperyian was inserting 3, then 4 fingers, and was training me for fisting, until she could get her whole hand and wrist inside me. The whole time Mistress Mesperyian was milking me, Mistress Ayn had been torturing my nipples. Both Mistresses laughed when Mistress Mesperyian said we were going shopping for more strapon cocks and fisting accessories for training, so I better be ready.

Now it was time for Mistress Mesperyian to show Mistress Ayn how she performed CBT on me, and how she loved to torture my tiny balls and pathetic cock. But today they were surprised, because having these two Goddesses there, and feeling my Mistressí touch, I started to grow and stay hard. Mistress Mesperyian was pleased because it gave her more to torture, while she pulled, stretched, squeezed, twisted and punched my cock and balls harder and harder each time. The truth is, my Mistress knows how to get the reaction she wants and decided today to not only brutally torture me, but she wanted to pleasure me bringing me to the edge. Mistress Ayn commented on how large and engorged my cock and nipples were and Mistress Mesperyian said they will be pierced and she would pick out nice sissy jewelry for them, and maybe have a connecting chain between them and possibly a belly button piercing. Both Mistresses laughed and talked about all the sissy jewelry possibilities for my nipples and belly button. While they talked and laughed I tried to focus on my breathing because my Mistress kept torturing and teasing my cock and balls to get closer to the edge, then she commanded me to take over but I could not get the same reaction and after a few minutes of trying, she left to go to the other room. I was looking at Mistress Ayn while she was rubbing my face when Mistress Mesperyian returned to begin rubbing and squeezing my cock and balls. I immediately was hard and Mistress Ayn told me to look in her eyes and smiled while my Mistress massaging them with something warm and moist. I felt her slide something over my cock and around my balls and she pulled on my cock and slid something over it. I then felt her insert the key and lock her pink chastity device and she said to me that today there will be no satisfaction for slave missy.

Both Mistresses smiled and Mistress Mesperyian ordered me to put the red thong in my mouth, get on the floor, and crawl to the couch in the other room where they were sitting. I was commanded to give both Mistresses a foot massage like Mistress had been teaching me to do as part of my ongoing service to her. I was instructed to alternate between my Mistress and Mistress Aynís feet every few minutes.

The session ended with Mistress Mesperyian telling me to go to the bathroom to clean up and to change my clothes but not remove my lingerie. She said I will be wearing it all evening along with the chastity device which would stay on to see how long I can go during this round of preparation for my permanent chastity. We left the hotel and I drove my Mistress home, dropped her off, and then continued to my home. This was one of my best sessions ever, if not the best. Thank you to my Goddess and Owner Mistress Mesperyian for arranging everything with the incomparable and amazing Mistress Ayn.