So here I am, big headphones on my ears, dark glasses covering my eyes. She called that contraption hypnotic something or the other.
Never seen this before.
Well, I did tell her "new things/surprises always welcome". That's a new thing alright.
She says to keep my eyes lightly closed. Of course I obey, that's what I am here for. It starts. Flashes of light. Loud sounds. Not only I can't hear or see anything from the outside world, I am overwhelmed with bright flashing white lights at the center, followed by a fast rotating yellow spiral, followed by exploding stars, followed by.....All of that with the incessant loud thumping with intermittent screeching.
My brain tries hard to rationalize to make sense of the nonsensical sensations. It focuses on them to try to reason with them. In doing so, it completely forgets where the body is. It forgets that it is lying on a narrow operating table inclined at 60 degrees head down. It forgets that the body is tightly strapped to the table. Absolutely incapable of the tiniest of motions. It forgets all that. It just focuses on the lights and sounds. Hypnosis?
It even starts to forget about gravity or, more precisely, it does not care anymore about gravity and where the body is. This lasts long enough that I have now NO feelings or sensations except for the focus on the lights and sounds.
She knows that I have reached that point. She was waiting for this. And it starts. The electricity first starts flowing in the urethra, through the Rosebud inserted in it. In waves. In complex patterns. Changing at Her control. "Programs" she calls them.
I am now in a universe of no sensations, no feelings, no orientation, except for the almost unbearable ebb and flow of the electrons going through the Rosebud.
Far more complex sensations emerge in this universe. More programs, more pathways for the pain from the electricity. From a ring around the balls. From a deeply inserted anal plug. All there. All active. All at Her control.
Trying to breathe hard. I cannot. The brain does not know why, it is exclusively fixated on the lights and the sounds melding with the complex patterns of pain radiating from the multiple electrical connections.
No, the brain does not remember that a needle of sizable gauge is going through each nipple and is tied by a string to the upper structure of the operating table, preventing all chest motions save for light breathing.
The sharp feeling of the needles pulling every time the body tries to breathe joins in the community of sensations.
Nothing exists, no reality, no gravity, no orientation, no motion, these are negated by the fixation on the lights and sounds. No, just the sensations that She controls. That is all that exists in the universe. She is totally in control of Everything.
And I don't want it to stop.
This is exactly where I want to be.
I don't want it to stop.


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