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I founded this collective of interactive live cam portals to promote those, specifically in the professional FemDom, Kink and Fetish arenas. Visitors will not have to surf through scores of vanilla phone sex or droves of mainstream cam girls to find Female Domination and Fetish. We have just launched and are accepting registrations.The Ladies maintain all the rights to Their Own content!
Unlike almost ALL Other Cam Sites and cam site platforms such as ifriends and camshark... at CamOnDemand WE believe that Your content is YOURS.
With live calendars on each Ladies profile, visitors to the site will know when a specific Domina will be online. Ladies can also appear randomly at will.
The entire system is MOBILE! LIVE CAM from ANYWHERE! Ladies can broadcast and visitors can view from their mobile device!
CamOnDemand is a stand alone site not affiliated with the male dominated porn industry.
This site is 100% owned and operated by WOMEN for WOMEN in the Kink and Fetish industry, geared specifically for Female Dominants and the submissives who serve them !
CamOnDemand is launching with 4 categories:

1) The FemDom Network
The FemDom Network is a collective of independent Mistresses from around the globe Who specialize in Female Domination, BDSM , Bondage, Discipline, Domination and submission, Sadism, Sissification, ABDL,Leather, Latex, Feet,Foot, Pantyhose and Nylons,Spanking,Medical Fantasy, Military role play,Chastity, many Fetishes and all things Kinky. We offer Dominatrix live cam sessions, training, education and kinky chat through Live cam sessions can be a stand alone outlet for those wanting to explore D/s, an introductory experience or a supplement to real-time sessions and is fantastic for chastity. your key holder can keep a close eye on your lock up! Live cam sessions put you face to face with famous Dominas you may never have the means to travel across the world to see in person or maybe you have been too intimidated to book a session and this is the ice breaker. Surrender yourself to FemDom without ever having to leave the comfort and privacy of your room. Experience exquisite submission in the hands of some of the most capable and formidable Ladies in the world of Fetish today. With the click of a mouse you can be living your dream of servitude to a powerful woman.Watch the teasers and trailer videos of Our live cam sessions to see what you might be in for. Each experience is customized to incorporate the mutual interests you may share with an individual Lady.This technology is absolutely perfect for long distance training. you have seen these FemDoms online, on television and in movies and magazines, now you can finally serve! See Her, Hear Her, and jump to Her every command!
Make sure you are on your best behavior, this is the real thing slave boy. Proper protocol is strictly enforced. Welcome to the FemDom Network where Women rule and men obey!
2) Brat Girls on Cam
Brat Girls taunt tease and humiliate losers like you that would do absolutely anything just to receive any attention from them.
These are the girls your mother warned you about. Mans Ruin doesn't begin to describe your fate in the hands of these mean girls. These Brat Princesses are accustomed to getting everything they want and that is never enough but you are more than happy to comply with any demand they come up with. These hotties are so out of your league and they know it,completely unattainable,unattainable for you anyway. It gives them such power and control over you. you just can't help yourself but submit to the degradation just so they will speak to you. They are superior to you in every way. Whatever they want you will do and you love it despite yourself. you have watched so many Brat Girl clips it is your ultimate fantasy to have this type of exchange with one of these beauties for real, but you thought that could never happen. It is unlikely you would have the stones to approach one in the rare case you could be in the same room with one. A pathetic sop such as yourself would never run across such luck....until now! your time has come! Get out your wallet and prepare yourself to be put through the wringer of emotional abuse for their entertainment! you love them and they love to watch you squirm! Live cam sessions with these girls will give you what you deserve! A warning, these spoiled princesses are insatiable and addictive, perfection. They will have you coming back again and again hoping to get the smallest scrap of satisfaction at the cost of your humilliation. Go ahead and surrender your manhood now, for the Brat Doms of CamOnDemand.

3) FinDom Queens
Pay pigs and ATM slaves grovel at the feet of FinDom Queens hoping for the chance to become useful and give tribute to the excessive glamorous lifestyles of these beauties of financial domination. Worker drones serving their Queen will go to great lengths to support these Mistresses of wealth. The more you pay the more excited you become and these Ladies know how to exploit your fetish to new heights of excess. They dine at the best restaurants , spend days at the spa and shop at the finest boutiques all on your dime of course. CHANEL, PRADA, Louboutin , just the sound of these high end fashion icons gets your imagination spinning on a stiletto heel. You will work hard for these Ladies of luxury and excess and nothing compares to the way it makes you feel. The exhilarating rush to spend spend spend gets your blood pumping. Make yourself useful and give your life new meaning by pampering and pleasing a demanding FinDom. Your wallet will beg for mercy and you will love every minute of it ! Less is not more, more is more. The world is not enough but it is a wonderful place to start. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams go rogue as this one sided kinky fairytale unfolds with you enslaved to supporting a lifestyle of the rich and famous. You will be working and saving to pay pay pay, and the more you pay the hotter it gets you. The thought of her in that Agent Provacateur lingerie is worth the months it took you to save up to buy it, maybe you will even get to see her in it... She lives in the lap of luxury and you will pay to keep her there, a useful atm slave flying high on the thrill of financial domination. What are you waiting for boy? Step onto this wild ride , the FinDom Queens of your dreams are inside.

4) Gym Babes Live
Female bodybuilders , muscular woman and #girlswholift of all kinds abound ready to flex on you with superior female muscle. Fitness chicks know exactly how to use what they have with eye popping posing routines that will have you just as hard as they are! Hard body babes that have it all and know how to use it will demand your attention. There is no escaping a scissor hold, sexy wrestling, pumping flexing and buns of steel. They will easily lift and carry you into your wildest fantasies with perfectly sculpted FBB physiques that have you tapping out in no time. Strong women rule this domain exploiting your desire for more. If you are looking for the girl next door , keep surfing. These Ladies are sculpted from iron and serious about fitness. Muscle worship takes on a whole new meaning with bulging biceps and washboard abs, the better to crush you with! Shredded FBB with ripped and rock hard bodies
live cam directly with you! Powerful women ,with powerful bodies , you can easily imagine being crushed between thighs made of 100 % Female Muscle. What would it would be like to be wrapped up in her muscular arms unable to escape. I guess you would just have to give in to her sexual desires. What other choice to do you have? She has you completely helpless under her control, but you would not want it any other way! The amazon beauty you have dreamed of has finally got you exactly where she wants you, under Her magnificent hard body and her big clit is not taking no for an answer! These fitness models show you everything from muscle worship to muscle domination and flexing, oiled muscles, solo scenes, live on cam, pumped, ripped,veiny biceps muscular women, fitness babes and everything in between. The time is now! These Ladies will pump you up!

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