I'd love to hear feedback on her. She has a real social media presence and looks like a real pain giver, but I can't find any reviews. Can someone help me?

I've had a session with Natasya. She is extremely beautiful and was trained in one of the top dungeons in SF so she knows how to push the right buttons in play. One thing that sticks out in my mind is that she spoke with a very unusual syntax. She is from Germany and English isn't her native language, but it almost seemed like she learned the English language watching Robin Hood movies. It was kind of like being dominated by Maid Marian. Not that that is a bad thing, just different. All in all a good session, just a bit nontraditional.

I see in the NY Post ( of all places blush ) that she is with LaDomian Essemar now, so I'm guessing you are going to have to be vetted by Master R before a session.

I've meet Lola twice/ Once for a ATM meet and then a session at a dungeon both here in Manhattan. She struck me at first as a free spirit hippie chick, very carefree. At the dungeon, she was much different, more like an S&M whirlwind. Very intense and demanding, much different then our cash meet. A real female supremacist, so definitely an up and comer in the Pro Domme field. Those eyes are piercing.