Review: Session with Mistress Irene Boss

I had a session with Mistress Irene Boss at Mistress Preciousís Dungeon in Houston. Mistress Irene Boss was visiting from out of town. I first came across Irene Boss and her website,, and became a member of her site in the mid-2000ís. There are hundreds of videos and photo sets on the site. She often wore pantyhose and leather outfits in her content, and she had a great sadistic laugh. Iím a nylon fetishist so she definitely captured my attention. She is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has her Dungeon there, which she calls her Compound. She also has a Compound in Orange County, California. She visited Houston in 2007, but I had yet to explore D/s activities at that time. I didnít want to miss a chance to experience a session with her in Houston, so I made sure to book one with her.

Before the session, I sent her an email expressing my interests (pantyhose fetishism, forced feminization, anal play, etc.), and she sent me an email instructing me to refrain from orgasm, to shave (if possible), to stay hydrated, and refrain from excessive caffeine. She gave me directions and demanded to arrive on time and to promptly call her when I arrived, and to purchase and bring some extra hosiery for the session.

On the night of the session, I was sleep deprived and physically exhausted from a long weekend, but I didnít want to cancel. I arrived to the location on time and called the number she provided. I parked and she opened the door to a house I was parked in front of. The color of the door was red. I got out of my car and walked inside the house. Once I stepped inside, she closed the door. I immediately noticed music playing in the background of the house. Mistress Irene Boss looked great and was wearing black pantyhose, a bra, and high heels. She instruced me to put my hands behind my back. She grabbed me by the belt area above my crotch and led me through the house to one of the rooms. She said she had reread my email detailing my interests. My safe word was ďmercy,Ē and that I should use the safe word if I couldnít take things any more or if I felt like I was passing out. She directed me to the bathroom and instructed me to remove my clothes and come out with the bag of hosiery. I obeyed all her instructions at this point.

When I stepped out, she grabbed my left hand and lead me to another room. This room had an elegant throne chair and a leather bench and some other pieces of furniture. She ordered me to get on my knees and to remove her high heeled shoes, then to put my head down to the floor over her nyloned feet and inhale their scent. She was wearing Wolford pantyhose, which is an expensive hosiery brand. She had me lift my head then display the nylon stockings and pantyhose I brought for her. I laid out the packages. She made me pick out a pair of stockings and put them on over each of her legs. She rested her foot on my crotch while she attached the stockings to her garter belt. Next, she lead me to the leather bench and instructed me to put my hands on it while she dressed me in nylons. She put black pantyhose up over my legs then my crotch and waist area, then stockings, then a garter belt. In the past, other Mistresses had made me dress myself. This was the first time a Dominatrix physically forced clothing on to me and it was exciting. She sat on the bench and had me lay over her knee, with my arms behind my back, She scissored her nylon-clad legs in between my legs, holding me in place. This was a very erotic feeling. She said she was going to spank me five hundred times in increments of one hundred spankings. I had never been spanked this much before. She spanked both sides of my ass cheecks, then told me to make sure I breathed. If I could make it through this, she would reward me by putting heels on my feet. During the third round I started to space out. For the fourth round, she said she would spank me two hundred times. I often hear people talk about subspace, and I think I started to feel a little bit of that at this point in the session.

When the spanking session was finished she lead me to a cross dressing room. The room was filled with dresses, lingerie, wigs, boots, and heels. She pulled out a pair of 8 inch stilettos, and made me try them on. She threatened and teased me about making me walk in them, but said they would be used for later. Next, she gave me a tour of the rest of the Dungeon: there was a medical room and a room with a caged door. I was eventually brought back to the main room that had the bathroom. There was a suspended table, a throne chair, and some other devices and furniture.

The suspended table was made out of leather and was attached to the ceiling with chains. There was a mirror above the table. She explained that this station created a hypnotic effect and that I would get to see all that was happening to me with the mirror above me. She laid out a towel and a pillow and instructed me to get on the bench and lay down. She put the heels on my feet, then put restraints around my ankles and attached them to the chains so my legs were up in the air. Next, she put nylon stockings over my arms, then covered them with a leather arm restraint. The arm restraints reminded me of a straight jacket. She attached my arms to the chains so they too were up in the air along with my legs. It was a mixture of nylon and leather bondage, and I felt very vulnerable and helpless. She added a pair of pantyhose over my face and head. I could still see, but everything had a nylon tint to it. She told me to relax and breathe. She cut a hole in my pantyhose around my crotch area so she could have more access, she said. She inserted a prostate stimulation device into my anus and began to massage me. She said I needed to get ready for a good fucking. I would be her nylon bitch tonight. After a few minutes, she walked over to me, and put on a strap on harness and said to watch her put it on. Watching her put on a strap on harness and dildo was very erotic. She slipped the strap on penis inside me and grabbed the chains with her hands. The table began to move as she fucked me with the strap on. After several minutes, she slipped a vibrating device that had an attachment tube over my penis. She said that penises can break and that because I was so hard, she had to go slow and be careful. The desire to cum was building up and began to become overwhelming. If I wanted to come I had to beg for it, she said. I begged like she asked, but it wasnít enough. I could come if I made a deal with her. I had to wear pantyhose 24/7 for a week (even under my work clothes) and become a full time nylon slave. If I agreed, she would let me have an orgasm. At that point, I could no longer think, and agreed to everything she demanded. I let her know I was about to cum and asked for permission, and she said I probably couldnít control it at that point. I had an intense orgasm. My whole body was contracting with the restraints secured to the swinging table. She continued to use the vibrating device on me for another minute, which made everything feel extra sensitive. She got on the table and all I could see was her nylon clad crotch and ass over my face. She removed the restraints and released me from my bondage.

My session with Mistress Irene Boss was amazing. I felt at peace around her. She definitely lived up to her reputation. We have similar interests in pantyhose fetishism and nylon destruction. It was a pleasure serving her. In the future, I hope to visit her at her Compound in Pittsburgh.

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