When two highly effective, and challenging dommes combine life becomes very interesting - to say the least!

The Bondage Mistress has for several years attempted to educate me in my behaviour. Often with short term improvements but despite her best efforts progress is short lived. She is enthusiastic in her approach, inventive and making full use of her excellently equipped "training centre" The Bondage Mistress .

When Irene Boss planned to visit the UK and the Bondage Mistress, I was invited to attend, as apparently I had deeply offended her in my role as Waitress. Irene is a formidable lady. She ensured that I knew exactly where I had failed, and that I was going to be properly punished. Do not be deceived by her appearance, she has a strong right arm and knows exactly how to use it. Hairbrush, Crop, paddle, and a very precisely used whip are all used to great effect. Once Irene was sure I had at least began to learn she left me strapped to a punishment bench she had not used, and summoned the Bondage Mistress.

Further discussion about my failings and the disapointment I had caused. So more application of Straps and Canes to my ass, and also some (I was told) much needed electro therapy, and a clear message that if I am ever there again for any reason my life would be even more uncomfortable............

These two are very different, but taken together deliver a very memorable experience. Probably best they are not living in the same City (or continent!) as who knows where they could take us! I am sure that my behaviour will need more attention in the not too distant future and that either/both of these ladies are more than capable of delivering!.