Madame Ingrid and I have been doing sessions at The Compound recently, so when she suggested we ask Irene Boss to join us I gave the idea two thumbs up. I was to appear as my cross dressed alter ego, Jill. The session was set for a recent week-end, and I was to be their Sunday brunch. No meal for me, but they certainly got their fill of Jill. Over the course of 90 action packed minutes she was restrained, whipped, caned, flogged, birched, clamped, sat on, electrified, tit tortured, and probably several other things that she just canít remember .

Jill was provocatively dressed in a bra, pink panties and thigh highs. Irene added breast forms to her bra to give her an added feminine dimension up top. The appetizer for their meal was Jill standing on the Berkley horse. Jillís wrists were restrained to the horse and Ingrid went to work on her ass with a thick bundle of birches while Irene added nipple clamps to her tits and electro bands to her privates. Irene did some flogging and paddling as well, but that was all too tame for these two sadists. Ingrid got her whip and started in. Irene was nice enough to up the electro to distract Jill from the assault on her ass. After several strokes, Ingrid decided to add a bunch of clothes pins to Jillís ass to give her something to aim at. Off they flew, added again, and off they flew again. Then it was Ireneís turn. Using the same whip, she commenced to give Jillís ass a real going over. At intervals, she made it crack loudly in the air just off to Jillís left. That was surely the most terrifying sound Jill had heard in many a year. Fortunately for Jill, the ones that were aimed at her ass were lighter. No count was kept, but surely more than a hundred direct hits were made on Jillís ass.

Then it was up the stairs for the second course, the medical bed. It's a monster from the 1960ís that tilts using a motor from the same era. Jillís nips were tied to a frame above her and her head was tilted downward so that the ropes pulled her nips taut. Then tauter, as the bed rotated her head lower. Somehow Ingrid and Irene thought the ropes connecting Jill's nips to the bar looked like some musical instrument, so they tried plucking it to make some music. The only music they got was from Jillís mouth Ė and it wasnít melodic at all unless youíre into the sound of a subís moans. With Jillís head now at just the right level, both Ingrid and Irene took advantage of the situation and face sat her. No reason given, they just wanted to. They seemed to enjoy it, but all Jill felt was the blackness of their covered asses on her face, one after the other.

The third course was some time on the spanking bench, a two level affair where Jill was on her knees on the lower level and her chest was pushed flat against an upper level. That level also had a padded platform for her to rest her head, and two sturdy handholds which she would certainly need for what was to follow Ė her caning. Restraints were added to her calves, thighs and a padded restraint to hold her back down. All were pulled tight. Jillís ass was a fixed, tempting target. It all started normally enough, first one and then the other giving Jillís ass a proper workout. It was all quite informal and the ladies were certainly having fun at Jill expense. But someone (it certainly wasnít Jill) suggested that Jill ought to get 60 strokes, ten from each of them in alternating sets. This was a punishment for something Jill did, although Jill was sure she was completely innocent. Of course that didnít matter, so the punishment commenced. Jillís no light weight when it comes to caning, but these were so accurately placed and delivered with such force that Jill was struggling. Irene was particularly effective (i.e. cruel) by placing her strokes carefully where the ass meets the upper legs Ė a very tender spot. The only thing that got Jill through it was Ireneís direction to say ďthank youĒ after receiving a stroke before the next one was laid on her. This gave Jill some time to compose herself between strokes. Somehow she made it through the punishment (for something she did not do!). In a display of her mastery of the bull whip, Irene added ten more strokes to Jillís thoroughly abused ass to finish up.

Desert was Jillís defilement while lying in the leather sling. Her ankles were spread and restrained high above her body to the chains holding the sling to the ceiling. Irene inserted an electro metal plug where those are intended to go, Ingrid took a position above Jillís head where she had ready access to Jillís now tender tits, and Jill was handed a Hitachi Magic Wand to use on herself. Irene was having way too much fun turning the power ever higher on the Erostek while Ingrid pulled, twisted and dug her fingernails into Jillís nips. Verbal encouragement was raining down on her clouded brain. Inevitably the Hitachi worked its magic, Jill whimpered to Irene ďPlease turn it downĒ and it was over. It was sensory overload to the max. And fantastic!

The after effects were nipples too tender to touch, and an ass that was bruised, welted and striped enough to last a couple of weeks. And some very fond memories.

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Both session at Ireneís Compound in Pittsburgh