I had my 2nd session with Mistress Ella Strictland (www.lickmyboot.com) at the Iron Gate Dungeon. I was very happy with my previous session with Mistress Ella Strictland. I arrived around the agreed upon time, and she greeted me at the door. She was wearing a black skirt, black stockings over black pantyhose, and a silverish blouse. The black stockings had "Strictella" embroidered on them. She instructed me to enter the room to the immediate right and remove my clothes. This was the dress up room, and it was filled with shoes, dressers filled with fetish clothing, and a closet with a caged door. There was music playing throughout the townhouse. I later found it was the Delerium station on the Pandora radio service. Mistress Ella Strictland sat down and put on a pair of black leather boots. She said she went over our previous session and my interests and asked what I was curious about. I mentioned I was curious about electro stimulation. She asked if I had tried sounds before and I said no. Urethral sounding was scary to me, but I was a little curious. After talking for a bit, I asked what she was interested in and she said "playing" in general, and really enjoys feminization.

She pulled out some pantyhose and told me to put them on. Next, she made me put on a vintage black garter belt, and a bra. She inserted some breast forms into the bra, and instructed me to get on top of an elevated chair. She slipped on a pair of nice black nylon stockings over my legs, and attached them to the garter belt. She finished dressing me with a pair of black satin gloves, and put a cold chain collar around my neck. She grabbed a pair of scissors and cut out a hole around my crotch area so she would have "access" to me. She grabbed my very aroused penis to lead me into her main Dungeon area.

The Dungeon area is filled with whips, paddles, leather suspension equipment and various black bondage furniture. She ordered me to get on top of a bench that had a cage underneath it. She inserted a curved butt plug into my anus and started tightly encasing my legs and waist area in pantyhose. She put another pair over my arms and chest area and created a pantyhose straight jacket. She cut out the bottom of the hosiery around my feet and slipped on a pair of very tight heels around my feet. I was helplessly immobilized. She cut another hole around my crotch area, because she wanted "access" again. She attached wires from her ErosTek estim box to the butt plug inside me, and then cinched a cables around my sack and a pad to the "sweet spot" on my penis area and gradually turned everything on. These sensations were definitely new to me. After a few minutes, she began to insert the urethral sounds into my penis, starting off with a narrow rod and gradually increasing the size of them. She made me watch her to this, but when I closed my eyes to absorb the sensations, she decided to put a blind folding hood over my face and said "since you like to close your eyes, now you can't see."

She put a vibrating device up against the metal sound that was inside my penis. The combination of the two electro stimulation devices and the vibrating sound was nothing I had experienced before and it was overwhelming. She increased the speed and vibration of the devices and switched to a bigger steel rod. She pressed a Hitachi vibrator on to the shaft my penis and kept increasing the speed of the devices. There was nothing I could do to stop the overwhelming sensations. I was completely under her control. After a few minutes, I had an intense ejaculation.

Mistress Ella Strictland was in a good mood during our play time and would sadistically smile and laugh from time to time. You can tell that she enjoys playing with a submissive slave. At the end of the session, she mentioned that she enjoys taking me to new places. She definitely did that, and I'm grateful for the time I spend in her company.