Recently I was fortunate enough to visit Ms. Boss at the Compound in Pittsburgh. She had sent out a notice of one of her 5 hour specials she has from time to time for those she has played with before. As every birthday passes I begin to wonder if long sessions were something that had passed me by. Like the aging athlete I feared stumbling to first base in front of the hometown crowd. In addition some health issues had meant my sessioning had been very limited for some time. So I took some time to think about it and decided this would be a good chance to find out if I could still hack it. For many days I worried that this would be disaster and that I would fade way too early and both be disappointed and disappoint her.

Well I am here to say that none of the bad thoughts happened. Ms. Boss was her professional self and had combed through our previous correspondence to find means and methods to make our outing a top notch success. Her wardrobe hit all my fetish weaknesses and immediately comforted me. Maybe I could do this!! Then she opened with me on my knees worshiping her boots and I thought this could be great fun!! The first bondage action was a wonderfully comfortable suspension with me wearing long ballet boots. Those boots always make me feel like a slutty bondage model and quickly had me in my happy place. The Compound is well equipped with mirrors so I could see myself on display and feel naughty (and hot).

While I had worried about stamina it turned out to be no problem. Well designed positions using just some of the magnificent equipment available at the Compound had me on edge but reasonably comfortable all day. Of course the comfort was broken by some of her exquisite electrical play and great nipple torment toys. The day was an awesome success and I was able to get my Mojo back. While I am afraid there will come a day when I will not be able to handle such long term play that day is not today!! I left Pittsburgh feeling rejuvenated and refreshed and looking forward to more great adventures.

As a final comment I have been able to play for extended periods a fair number of times at the Compound. However, I am convinced that I could do a month of sessions there and never even dent all the variety of equipment and skills Ms. Boss can bring to bear!! If you ever get the chance to play there I am sure you will not regret it.