Ms. Boss and Madame Ingrid – the Dynamic Duo!

i had visited The Compound, an elite BDSM playspace located in Pittsburgh, PA, to serve some of the many Mistresses invited by Ms. Boss. This time i decide to humbly request to serve Ms. Boss and Madame Ingrid, who also plays out of The Compound space, for a two-hour session. i had served both of these Mistresses earlier in Their careers but never together and not recently. OMG, “what did i get myself into?”, i asked myself as the session date approached.

i arrived at The Compound and was greeted by Ms. Boss and Madame Ingrid in the entrance foyer. They were stunning, clearly dominant and seemed eager to get to work on me. OMG, what did i get myself into? There was no chitchat, verbal foreplay, or anything that would allow me to have a sense of value during the session – i was Their slave, that was evident from the start. i had communicated my hard limits earlier via email so the appropriate roles for each participant in the session was clear and immediately assumed. i was ordered to take off all of my clothes and put them into a wooden box, which was securely locked by Ms. Boss. Then, i was told to get on my hands and knees, as my two Mistresses circled me, as Dominants would do to their prey. Then, i was ordered to get up on my knees and Ms. Boss produced a metal collar that was locked around my neck. This was something new for me. The collar looked like a metal lock that would affix a bicycle to a rack - very secure, cold steel.

i was ordered to follow Madame Ingrid upstairs, a pleasurable task given Her beauty yet my fears were increasing - OMG, what did i get myself into? The Compound has multiple rooms, many with different themes. i was led into a BDSM room that was stocked floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall with assorted equipment, devices, clothing, and so much more.

i was ordered to the mount the leather table on my back and with surgical precision i was placed into bondage by Ms. Boss and Madame Ingrid. Leather arm binders and leather leg binders with steel bars were secured into place with rope, lots and lots of rope. My genitals were bound in predicament bondage so that any movement would tug my genitals, painfully. A plug was introduced and two electro-patches were attached to my penis.

What was truly amazing was the coordination and speed exhibited by these two Mistresses. Occasionally i have served two Mistresses but often it is either a “tag team approach” – first one Mistress is in charge and plays with me, then the Other; or, there is “one Alpha Mistress” and the Other assumes an almost submissive role (but still dominant over me). The “Dynamic Duo,” as i want to refer to the Ms. Boss and Madame Ingrid, worked in perfect synchronization, feeding off from each Other, and providing a whirlwind (submissive) experience for me. There seemed to be only one Mistress -- with two diabolic minds; four skilled, tormenting hands; and, two tremendously attractive and sadistic bodies inflicting upon me anything and everything They imagined. When Ms. Boss left the room, Madame Ingrid did not stop and wait for Her return, She continued tormenting me as She desired. The same was true with Ms. Boss.

The other impression quickly made upon me was the complete control assumed by Ms. Boss and Madame Ingrid. It was incredible how quickly, consistently and completely They took total control of the session, every little detail and the big stuff too. i felt completely helpless (as desired), totally overwhelmed by whatever They decided to do (as desired), and available merely as a thing for torment, tease and ridicule (as desired).

Madame Ingrid took great pleasure in finding the right setting for the electric play. When i informed her – that is a good setting – she smiled and turned up the voltage. She placed three wooden clothespins on each nipple and the decided to yank them off me – not squeeze the top portion of the clamp to release them – and then put them right back on. i have frequently asked a Mistress to inflict nipple pain so that i can still feel the pain after the session is over. Well, my nipples were so incredibly sore for four days after the session that even the slightest touch – just rubbing against my shirt -- aroused me (thank You, Ms. Boss and Madame Ingrid).

i felt overwhelmed from the very start. Even if i was asked a question, my answer did not seem to matter, and rarely was i ever asked. Ms. Boss and Madame Ingrid communicated with each other, decided together what was to occur – even when Ms. Boss called an audible, twice – and They consistently acted as if i was only there for Their amusement and sadistic torment – which i was. They hit many of my self-perceived limits, especially for pain tolerance during the nipple torture and other play. Madame Ingrid seemed intent on Her pleasure and i knew She would never harm me but was very willing to hurt me more than i thought i could, or wanted to, take. Ms. Boss seemed very intent on pleasing Herself, as She should and i wanted, and this resulted in a very good slave experience. i felt thoroughly used (thank You, Ms. Boss and Madame Ingrid), abused (thank You, Ms. Boss and Madame Ingrid), with limits stretched (thank You, Ms. Boss and Madame Ingrid), and at Your mercy throughout the session (thank You, Ms. Boss and Madame Ingrid).

Visiting The Compound is always a good experience for me, but serving Ms. Boss and Madame Ingrid together was beyond expectations and extremely satisfying for this submissive.