I recently did an overnight session with Ms. Irene Boss and Goddess Cheyenne at The Compound in Pittsburgh. I had seen both of them individually before so I had some idea of what to expect but this was well beyond my expectations. Totally awesome experience.

Goddess Cheyenne greeted me at the door and told me to undress and put my things in a locker. I was directed up to the attic and strapped to a bench. The bench had a headrest extension similar to a massage table. With my head securely fastened, I was totally helpless. After playing with me for awhile, Goddess Cheyenne switched off with Ms. Boss who put me in several other pieces of her equipment. She strapped me to a cross that then rotated me upside-down. This went on for quite some time. I could never tell what was coming next. Eventually, Ms. Boss put me in a straight jacket and then in a cage with medical restraints on my ankles that kept my legs bent. Ms. Boss pays careful attention that I was hydrated and had bathroom breaks. Her place was warm and well ventilated. There were may signs of her attention to detail that I greatly appreciates. Back in my cage, I was comfortable enough to rest some but I needed to awkwardly change positions every few minutes to stay comfortable. I could hear some strange machinery sounds periodically that were messing with my mind. Don't know how long I was there. By this point, time had lost all meaning.

Ms. Boss and Goddess Cheyenne fed me a snack with a spoon from a dog bowl while I was still in the straight jacket. I was then strapped to this crazy contraption that I was told was a surgery table from the 1960's. Kind of looked like it belonged in some asylum horror movie. They could position me in it however they wanted. Glasses were put on me that flashed differing patterns of color lights in my eyes coordinated with sounds from headphone. Felt like I was floating in an alternative reality. I was then strapped into a medical examination chair, gagged, and tormented before being put in a sleep sack and left to get some rest.

When I was released in the morning, I showered. I was given a cup of coffee and a snack. Then I said my goodbyes.

It was a wonderful time with lots of new experiences and I loved every minute of it.