I sent Ms Boss a thank you for a recent session:
I want to send you a grateful note, thanking you again for our scene last week. The photos and videos are great. You said others are jealous when our videos got out. I'm honored, but now I'm jealous too. Your recent FB post is so sexy!! What is going on at the Compound that day? But then I know how outstanding you are in person and you look great in those photos! Last week you had me from the very beginning, as I sat naked on the "welcome bench" and you introduced my nipples to your long, red nails. You should see how gorgeous you looked at that moment! Leather shorts over black pantyhose and leather bra complement your firm figure. You are taller than me in those spike, platform boots. Those nails had me shamelessly yelling later while suspended on the dungeon buddy, even with the gag, head bondage and leather splints. What a ride! I floated away with the electric toothbrushes torturing clamped nipples and bound cock and balls. You were so in command. I liked the electricity latex strips; felt different than pads. New nipple clamps were tough, but you know how to push me right to the edge! Your flogging energy is amazing on the bondage table. I got lost in breathing. It really psyches me up to worship your feet and to feel your gentle touch in sensitive areas as a contrast to flogging. And hand spanking!!! Delightful and so personal smile More flogging on the cross provided an upright muscle stretch and much needed break for the nipples when the weighted clamps slipped away. So clever Ms Boss! What was that, hour three or four? Thanks for allowing me to watch and admire you working in the medical room. Expert bondage kept me from escaping as you prepared needles. I yelled with reckless abandon as you pierced each nipple with six needles, but my cries were delightfully smothered by your perfect pantyhose and leather covered ass. Ah, delirious! I can take more with your urging. Your smile is proof of your delight with my suffering. Bi-polar electric current passed through nipple needles is very intense with quite a sharp focus. You kept turning up the electric as you increased vacuum and vibration stimulation in other areas. Thank you for a special golden shower reward. The whole day was so engaging that surely, this must be a six or seven hour session! What, only noon? A wonderful way to spend a morning. I'm amazed with your extended scene planning and executions skills. Heartfelt thanks, and I'm planning another visit soon.