I had emailed Ms Boss, curious about some new interest to explore in a scene at the Compound. We have been playing for several years and this was a slightly new direction. Ms Boss took time initially on arrival to clarify my new interests. She also ensured I could have no marks lasting longer than a few days even though my visit would last for several hours. Ms Boss knows how to deliver the maximum punishing sensation without lasting evidence. During this visit I experienced rope bondage and flogging on the cross, two more intense floggings while bound to other bondage furniture, three complete hand spankings (some with leather gloves) and a leather paddle spanking, all to celebrate Ms Boss's belated birthday. Ms Boss likes to layer torment, so much of this was accompanied by creative electric geni-torture. I had asked about more intensive CBT. Ms Boss made sure cock/ball bondage was applied with coarse rope tied in a predicament situation to my hands and head. Of course her teasing and brushing me with smooth stockings intensified the predicament mind fuck. Her smile told me she was pleased with my suffering. I was stuffed into a leather body bag, bound and electrified on my package and nipples. Here I meditated riding an endorphin wave. This was interrupted by electric toothbrushes tormenting my clamped and electric nipples. Then there was Ms Boss sitting on my face and thrusting her strap on dildo down my throat. Wow! This oral worship was the answer to part of my pre-scene question. Ms Boss finished the session by moving me and binding me to a couch after inserting and electric butt plug. The reward of a golden shower completed the Irene Boss Compound professional experience. Given her vigorous travel schedule and two studios, Ms Boss is easily accessible if you follow her contact rules. You will not be disappointed with her experience, attention to details and enthusiasm. You will certainly be delighted with her beauty, sense of humor and sexiness.

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