The return of Ms. Boss to Orange County this Thanksgiving caught me off guard since she was here in early November and I did not expect her to return so soon. Although we had just played and it was a busy time for me at work, I scheduled another session. I am so glad I did!

She started by turning my backside red with an outstanding spanksgiving welcome. Then she realized I was stressed from my busy schedule and put me in a therapeutic hogtie to transform me into appropriate submissive space. After insertion of one of her speciality items, I received intense electrical excitement deep inside while she began to flog me. The light flogger worked its magic, but the Mistress wanted me even more submissive and let me feel the full force of her power with the heavy flogger. By the time she got on the table and straddled my head with her thighs, I was in another world. The pink ball gag prevented me from kissing the exquisite pantyhose adjacent to my face, but she had me so under control by that time that I did not even attempt this forbidden pleasure. She had taken me deep into subspace and I was hers to manipulate any way she wanted.

After transferring me to her special girls bench, she brought me back to attention with her signal whip and then her bullwhip. My BDSM training with her has led me to love her whippings although I jump and whimper with each hit. She has amazing control and decorated me all over with marks without breaking skin. When she was satisfied that she had properly marked me, she moved me to the sling and had her way with me. I was completely hers and she knew it.

As I was mentally drifting in the high that follows the sling experience, I heard her say "Six of the best." I thought the session was over, but was shocke to learn there was more. The six were delivered with her thin green cane and left me trembling inside and out in awe, in fear, and in deep submission to this most wonderful woman. I am so thankful to be your sub, Mistress. It was a Thanksgiving I will always remember.