It has been some time since I shared my adventures at the Compound of Irene Boss. At the end of the summer I had a remarkable three-hour scene that I wish to share some highlights from.

I arrived again at the Compound and was let in the door with the diamond shaped window. Once let inside, immediately control was taken away as a hood was placed over my head. This hood suited the warm day, made of breathable and lightweight stretchy fabric with eye pads that prevented me from seeing anything. Sightless I was told by Ms. Bossí voice to undress, one piece of clothing at a time, blindly handing out each piece until I was standing completely exposed, and hooded as I heard the click of my clothing being locked away. Blind, I was directed up three flights of stairs- one foot at a time. At each step more and more control was stripped away as my clothes had been. By the time we reached the third floor, I had internalized that Ms. Boss, not I was in control.

I was placed in a rubber straight jacket A gag was forced into my mouth over the hood, the hoodís cloth filling my mouth. Soon I was securely immobilized on a bench, restrained by canvas asylum straps, my posterior and nether regions available for the paddle and internal and external electrical torment. A flogging reduced me to the endorphin rush that is submissive bliss.

A trip to the cbt chair was next. With my torso still encased in rubber I was completely restrained, including my head, which desiring to loll forward on its own, was forced back by rope secured to my gag to satisfy the whim of Ms. Boss. And so, in this helpless position began more seemingly endless and increasing electrical sensation at the skilled hands of the Mistress. Eventually I was released, the gag and rubber straight jacket were removed, and I was sent to the bathroom for a break.

I was then led downstairs to the second floor was place in a short leather straight jacket, that left my nipples exposed, and installed on a bondage table, my legs spread. I was blindfolded and gagged with a bit gag. I was completely restrained, my hands crossed in front of me and secured, anchoring my torso to the table, more straps secured my legs to the table supports. The electrics were reconnected and engaged.

Nipple claps were placed on their proper location, and my head was restrained by rope that pulled my bit gag back tight, but also connected to the clamps before being tied off around my manhood, placing me immobilized in agonizing predicament bondage. It was in this position: electrics pulsing, gagged, plugged, rubberized, unable to move; complexly helpless and totally in the hands of this Mistress I have come to trust, I was tormented, teased to that indefinable place that blends pleasure and pain into a unique and intoxicating mixture, that I felt somehow complete. I was filled with a rush of emotions and inner peace as I relished my utter dependence on Ms. Boss. It ranks as one of the most exhilarating and powerful moments I had experienced in over twenty years of play. Yet the scene was not over yet.

After this blissful time of restraint, I was moved to the bondage sling, my legs and arms spread high and wide exposing me completely to Ms. Bossís whims as I was used and abused to blissful exhaustion before I was released to shower.

I have had longer scenes; I have had scenes that were more invasive and physically intense. But this day will be an unforgettable experience I will treasure as Ms. Boss took me to a place I hope to return.

"How helpless we are, like netted birds, when we are caught by desire!"
-Belva Plain