I am dazed. My mind is in a haze as I try to remember what I experienced during my recent visit to the Complex. I know I got taken over the top multiple times. I know that I could barely talk to the Mistress at the end. I would think of something to say to her and then she would talk to me and my mind would go blank. She overwhelms me in so many ways. This woman, who is so beautiful both inside and out, dominates my mind and body so completely that I just float in a haze of happiness after sessioning with her.

Was it the heavy leather jodhpurs? The see-through mesh gold dress? The scarf that became a gag and head bondage at the same time? The precise way those long fingernails manipulated my body? The hand slaps given to bring back blood to roped-off parts? Well, these all contributed, but it is the inherent dominant power of this stunning imaginative Mistress that makes each session seem like the best ever!

I am so lucky to be her submissive.