It is my personal belief is that there are only to things that not anyone can take away from us:

1). The knowledge we gain throughout our lives, and
2). Our life experiences

Each of us should strive for as much of both as possible.

Master Ingrid V and Ms Irene Boss within The Compound provide an abundance of both. This my fourth visit to what feels like my home away from home was simply amazing. Each time i learn more of myself as the intensity of Our/Our/our sessions have pleasantly increased. Both of these remarkable Ladies provide me the opportunity to get deep within myself, to become completely vulnerable ultimately becoming the proverbial putty in their hands to mold as they wish. The feeling of complete submission is extraordinary. The efforts and preparation of Our/Our/our time together by these two intelligent, passionate and knowledgeable Woman words can do no justice.

The theme of this past time was central around OWK, a concept i very much embrace and often yearn to live. With a period of incredible makeup time with both was exhilarating. Wearing vintage thigh high boots, strapped in a sling, teased and tormented while wearing a very cruel Chastity device set the stage for the day. Then being dressed as a prissy maid to prepare and serve lunch.....euphoria....

Kneeling in a corner to consume my meal feed to me from my piss bowl, words cannot describe my intense elation.

And then the trough, tube in mouth. Lips sealed to prevent any leakage, my Queendom of Master Ingrid V and Ms Daddie Boss took turns filling the trough for all to be consumed by me. At this point of the day, i had consumed a generous amount of precious golden nectar and i was determined not to waste was was gifted to me via the trough.

Many “mind fucks” later and outfit changes and We/We/we entered one of my favorite rooms for some rope bondage and suspension. Bound helpless and tied to be raped by an amazing machine all the while forced to suck on huge strap ons. If You are a submissive who loves rope bondage and suspension I would strongly encourage you to seek out time with Master Ingrid V. Beyond her stunning beauty, Her rope skills are second to none. i really wish i could spend hours tied by Her. Being bound and suspended it takes me to another place mentally and emotionally. The sensation of the ropes on skin, the soft touches from both Ladies. The intense something i would wish every true submissive would one day experience.

my hope is that my new found Queendom will continue to allow me to serve them. And for them to continue to advance my training to serve their individual deepest desires.

i feel incredibly fortunate to have found such amazing Ladies.
Soooo can’t wait for a fifth visit to my Queendom.

servant whore