I didnít realize when I scheduled the double session with Irene Boss and Madame Ingrid that the date was Friday the 13th. Since Iím not superstitious it was of no concern, but it turned out to a very luck day for me indeed.

I entered the lobby of The Compound and was greeted by two beautiful ladies, all decked out in their Domme gear. Irene had on a leather outfit as befits The Boss persona. And Ingrid wore one of her usual stunning outfits. Ordered to strip and put my man clothes in the foot locker in the lobby, I went up the stairs to put on the clothes I had brought, and emerged a few minutes later as Jill, dressed in pink panties and a floral house dress. Jill is such a slut.

On the second floor, after some taunting and teasing and some of Madame Ingridís work on Jillís nips (a small hint of what would come later) Jill was told to step onto Ireneís Berkley Horse. Sheíd been on it before but never like this. Her cock and balls were trapped between two wooden boards with a notch just big enough to hold them, but certainly not large enough to for them to escape. Then leather restraints were added to her wrists and bound to the horse above her shoulders. To complete her entrapment, forceps were applied to each nip, then thin rope strung through the forcepsí handles and tied off to the back of the horse. Now any movement she made would pull on the forceps and her nips. First was a whipping using single tail snake whips. Madame Ingrid was up first and she just delights in putting clothes pins on Jillís ass, then whipping them off. A dozen pins went on, and in due course, a dozen pins were knocked off. Of course the last one had a mind of itís own and decided it wanted to stay where it was. Jillís ass took some additional punishment, but with one extra hard stroke it was off. While that adventure played out on Jillís behind, she was unable to hold position so the forceps took their toll on her nips.

Then it was Ireneís turn, with Ingrid encouraging every strike along the way. Again pins went on, pins came off. But Irene was not satisfied with just knocking pins off, so Jillís whipping went on. And on. And on. Before the last several strikes, Irene made her whip crack so loud in near misses that Jill winced at every throw, sure it would tear a massive chunk off her ass. But it did not, even with the last Bulls-eye hit, for Irene has the best whip skills of any Domme Iíve ever played with.

Next it was time for Jill to spend some time in the leather sling, with her ankles and wrists restrained to the chains hanging from the ceiling. Forceps on nips seemed to be a favorite of Ireneís, so a different pair were attached and fastened tight. The rope came out again and the forceps were also attached to the chains, guaranteeing any movement on her part would provide a nice(?) tug. Irene added electro pads to Jillís man pussy and turned it up to a level she could tolerate but would always know it was there. Jill was instructed to push her ass well off the end of the sling, for what purpose she was not sure. It became clear when Irene approached with a cane in hand Ė Jill was going to get caned in a most sensitive spot, where her ass met her thighs. Jillís taken a lot of canings in her career but this one was especially diabolical. Even moderate strokes hurt many times more than in a normal position. Fortunately Irene was using a relatively light cane so at first it was bearable Ė barely. Ingrid helped distract Jill using a vibrator called a Man Wand on her man pussy. Itís a special vibrator made for teasing cocks, that has a semi circle at the end for wrapping around a cock. When Irene returned with a heavier cane, and man wand or no, Jill knew she was in trouble. And trouble ensued, with ten strokes that were very difficult to take.

But canings were not all that Jill had to endure while in the sling. Ingrid had stepped out of the room and came back in a clingy, black bodysuit. - think Black Panther but with blonde hair, high cheek bones and deadly curves. On her return, she and Irene had a discussion about the best size strap-on to use. They decided Ingrid should start first, with a smaller one she knew Jill could handle. While Ingrid worked on Jillís ass, Irene added magnetized steel balls to the forceps, adding additional pressure to their squeeze. Ingridís strap-on was pretty easy, so it was Ireneís turn with a larger one. Still not too bad. But Ingrid stepped in with the largest one Jill had ever experienced. With some effort it made itís way in, and Ingrid started drilling Jill really good. Irene must have felt left out of the action because she approached the sling with a strap-on of her own, and joined Jill on the sling. With Ingrid working Jillís ass and Irene on the sling, the rope on the forceps really started pulling. Irene was not satisfied being an idle rider, so she pushed her dildo toward Jillís mouth and said ďSuck this, Jill.Ē And suck she did, with vigor, all of which made the ropes pull even harder. What a ride: electro, both holes violated, and Irene rocking the sling which rocked Jillís nips..

Now it was time to go up to the third floor for the final scene, Jill was placed on the Dungeon Buddy, a flat bondage platform shaped like a human body. Jill started on her back with it on the floor and was strapped down by her wrists and ankles. Although in a bit of a daze, Jill heard the sound of a chain hoist and realized she was being raised off the floor, to a level just below their waists. Ingrid used a Hitachi Magic Wand on Jill with a technique she learned from Rebecca Knox. While she did some light teasing with it, Irene moved herself over Jillís face and put the seat of her leather pants smack on Jillís face. While breathing was difficult, the leather and having Irene so close was intoxicating. Ingrid had to have her turn, and her soft bodysuit created an even better seal over Jillís mouth and nose. Fortunately Ingrid was able to tell when Jill needed air and gave her relief by raising up for a few seconds. One more switch and Irene was back on. This time she sat even more firmly and started to work on Jillís nips while Ingrid was running the vibrator over her cock. Jill was in ecstasy and wanted it to go on forever, but alas thereís only so much of all that stimulation a person can take before surrendering. And such a sweet surrender it was.

While Jill was recovering on the Bondage Buddy Irene came forward with two electric toothbrushes. WTF????? On this day, with these two Dommes, Jillís aftercare consisted of two toothbrushes and two nipples getting a final extended stimulus. Bravo, Irene and Ingrid!

Irene Bossí web site is: www.domboss.com
And her twitter feed is: twitter.com/ireneboss
Madame Ingridís twitter feed is: twitter.com/MadameIngrid