My session with Mistress Tissa took place during June 2022. This review is the product of considerable thought and several drafts. Every word is true and sincere.


My first interaction with Mistress Tissa of Philadelphia was physically exhausting and mentally rewarding, leaving my carnal needs satiated for weeks. I mustered this sentence the day after our session - “I left enveloped in a womb-like warmth, physically and mentally exhausted. I awoke pleasantly numb and famished.” It's said a starving man will pay anything for a steak but has no interest in a second steak, even for free. Even today, I could not conceivably endure such a satisfying experience, even for free!

Mistress Tissa’s application process opened my eyes in a way I wish happened eons ago. It helped me realize my three decades of being a greedy bottom and ordering off the menu had run its course. It was time to admit my need to willingly surrender to an experience directed by another - to essentially jump on the kink roller coaster. For the first time I fully went with the flow. They key was surprisingly simple - think less, enjoy more.

Mistress Tissa’s studio is without a doubt purposely designed for leaving the outside world behind. Much thought has gone into creating a tempting, immaculate and well equipped environment. It’s utterly private and quiet, for me a welcome respite from the headspace-killing sirens of New York City or the blandness of a hotel. I found the subdued lighting inviting and the abundance of equipment foreboding - a captivating contrast that produced a tingle in my stomach. From the outset I felt a carefree freedom to be myself and, for my needs, it was the perfect place for my first experience of riding the envelope of surrender.

Once inside it was clear I was no longer in control and within a moment I did not care. The particulars of our session are unimportant. Of immense importance, to me, is that Mistress Tissa was supportive and nurturing in demeanor, exacting and challenging in technique, and professionally intuitive to my mental and physical states. Throughout our time I did not have a care in the world and I did not think of anything unrelated to our shared experience. Again, this was a total change to my modus operandi – and I did not mind it one bit. By the end of the session I was deep into a warm and comforting headspace.

As a professional dominatrix, Mistress Tissa is the real deal. If you are looking for a real deal dominatrix that knows what she is doing, you will not be disappointed. If you are looking for a real deal dominatrix that enjoys what she is doing, you will not be disappointed. If you are looking for a read deal roller coaster ride, you will not be disappointed.

Take a trip to Philadelphia if you are a sincere player looking for a tow-curling experience. From initial contact through protective aftercare, you will not be disappointed with the real deal experience you find in the City of Brotherly Love.