I had the opportunity to session with Mistress Ayn recently, and was impressed with her experience, beauty and professionalism. She reminds me of the attractive corporate manager you have a crush for but cannot act on. She is more attractive than her pics which are already very nice. One of the best parts of our session was the communication, she and I shared several emails and spoke before we played- it made for a much better session than your typical first time out with a Domme.

Mistress requested I arrive at her upscale, gated dungeon in North Atlanta wearing stretch pants and ballet flats. I had to walk approxiametly 100 yards so it was nerve wracking but also a rush. Once I was inside she had me get into a chair, hands tied behind my back and proceded to paint my face like her pretty girlfriend- emphasis on heavy eye makeup and lipstick. After all this work she wanted to be pampered and allowed me to show my appreciation with a foot bath and massage.

Mistress had me do an outfit change into skirt, slinky chemise and heels and strut for her amusement. Finally I was restrained on the gyno table with my feet in stirrups and endured what could be best described as a very invasive checkup.

Mistress Ayn is a strong addition to the great list of Atlanta lifestyle pros!!