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#1483142 - 07/29/11 05:23 PM Ms Ella Strictlands bitch with abused man clit
cbpainpuppy Offline

Registered: 02/10/02
Posts: 1126
Having been under Ms Ella's hand for years with an ever lasting desire to meet her wishes I find myself completely transformed into a sissy slut. One which will always do anything to please her. She has known just how much control she has of this slave and has molded me to what I am today, slut ginger, which was chosen because of the enjoyment she receives by carving a large piece of ginger, screwing string on one end and inserting it into my pussy then craming another piece down my rock hard swollen clit. While then applying ben gay to that throbbing clit and the sack that holds those useless two round orniments. Setting a burning fire to her bitch on both ends. I just cant help myself and can't say no when seeing just how much she is enjoying herself. She loves getting me dressed ever so sexy which was brought on slowly a little at a time, first panties then as time went on stockings were introduced. Now, im completely dressed as the sissy slut she adores, garder belt, lipstick and all. Always dressed with my clit standing at attention and ready for evil tormemts. Im trained to accept all types of torture to my clit from single tailings/whippings, piercings, sounds and electricity and so much more. The electricity is increased to the point where Ms Ella can feel it thru her gloves and all I can do is beg her for more while my clit swells rock solid and dances to the beat of the pulsing waves of electricity I have been trained to enjoy. Ms Ella has trained this bitch in milking as well. Im now to the point that once I climb up on that bench with my pussy in place. Ms Ella starts to initiate my milking the juices instanty begin to flow. Originally it started with a dribble here and there but as my training continued it now flows as a steady stream like you wouldnt believe. Instantly a stream stretches from my clit to the floor, which is two feet, and constantly flows until its all dried up or Ms Ella decides to please me with her huge cock. This milking is quite amazing as it's a clear thick gew. It's awesome and she just loves watching how much will flow. Trust me, I have never seen anything like it and boy does it send me into a frenzy. Now if im a good little slut (which I always am) Ms Ella rewards with the pleasure of her beautiful huge cock. Sometimes I get to suck her off but im always lucky enough that my pussy gets pounded, either in a swing or on the bench which is my favorite because im no longer bound and I can get into the rythum, curl my back and move my ass to where I can make it easy for her to get deeper and feel her balls tapping on my useless sack. She has me trained to cum when being pounded. I had no idea that was even possible but that is where she has taken me.

Ms Ella has trained this slut in ways I would have never dreamed of. She will bring a visitor or two to show me off whenever she wishes and im always eager to entertain as she wishes
slut ginger

#1483143 - 07/30/11 04:15 AM Re: Ms Ella Strictlands bitch with abused man clit [Re: cbpainpuppy]
strictella Offline

Registered: 01/16/06
Posts: 112
Loc: Houston, TX USA
sissy ginger,

I'll bet you were drooling as you wrote this. I have to say this was one for the records... even for My dungeon!

Now that you are trained to pour out so helplessly (and profusely) I think I can count on that much P spot activity every time. W/we must get a little digital footage of this. Otherwise, there is no way to really believe it unless one is a boy who has been under My chastity tutelage and has experienced this with Me or another Domme skilled in prostrate milking.

As for the pretty things I make you wear..... just my fetish. I'm glad you like it :=)
Mistress Ella Strictland

#1483144 - 08/01/11 04:48 PM Re: Ms Ella Strictlands bitch with abused man clit [Re: cbpainpuppy]
Wizernow Offline

Registered: 12/25/03
Posts: 5572
It sounds as if you both really have a good time. I've only been "milked" by a urologist, and the experience wasn't anything like that!
[color:"orange"]"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up." -- Lily Tomlin[/color]

#1483145 - 08/02/11 12:30 AM Re: Ms Ella Strictlands bitch with abused man clit [Re: strictella]
cbpainpuppy Offline

Registered: 02/10/02
Posts: 1126
Yes indeed, you know me all to well

You are so right about most not having a clue or believing, yes perhaps a little digital footage is in order which would surely amaze those who havent seen a boy drained of all in such a wicked fashion

Dressing for You Ms E is a pleasure

slut ginger

#1483146 - 08/02/11 12:54 AM Re: Ms Ella Strictlands bitch with abused man clit [Re: Wizernow]
cbpainpuppy Offline

Registered: 02/10/02
Posts: 1126
A good time? I guess you could say that but for me its more like a mental pleasure to entertain Ms Ella's desires. She gets a boy to enjoy her wicked ways while I hand over all and try to meet expectations

Ok, its always a good time indeed

boys will be girls and Girls will be Boys
slut ginger

#1483147 - 08/02/11 02:42 AM Re: Ms Ella Strictlands bitch with abused man clit [Re: cbpainpuppy]
sissyfrannie Offline

Registered: 05/06/10
Posts: 190
Loc: houston,tx
Enjoyed reading about your encounters with Mistress Ella.
She is really skilled at administering prostate milkings that are intense and very thorough as She will milk Her subs out until they are completely drained to the last drop.

When Mistress Ella first introduced me to prostate milkings, She had to restrain me to keep me still enough to be milked because the initial sensation of being milked was so intense that my initial reaction was a desire to plead to Her for the milking to be stopped immediately but She would have none of that. After a few milkings and a mind-blowing p-spot orgasm, I no longer had to be restrained for my milkings and I would anxiously await my next opportunity to be milked by Mistress Ella particularly when it was combined with long-term orgasm denial of being in chastity to Her. My eagerness and desire to accept Her milkings without being restrained will put me in a deeper submissive headspace more than any other activity because She has such total control of me when She milks me. She will make Her sluts watch their boy goo being totally drained out of them as She denies them of the ability to orgasm then and for a few hours after the session has ended.

It is great that you can now drain out so effortlessly. I still can't do that consistently. Sometimes I drain out like that and sometimes I am more stubborn so I will need more of Mistress Ellas' sissy slut training to get me there. I also love being milked and mounted by Mistress while I am bent over Her bench.

#1483148 - 08/02/11 10:33 PM Re: Ms Ella Strictlands bitch with abused man clit [Re: sissyfrannie]
Hoodman Offline

Registered: 08/01/07
Posts: 2643
Loc: Atlanta, GA
i've wondered about milking as well

#1483149 - 08/03/11 02:09 PM Re: Ms Ella Strictlands bitch with abused man clit [Re: sissyfrannie]
cbpainpuppy Offline

Registered: 02/10/02
Posts: 1126
Yes, all introduced to me while being restrained and as my training continued and I didn't fight the milkings the retraints were removed as well. It has now become a pleasure and something I crave. Who would ever thoiught?
slut ginger

#1483150 - 08/07/11 06:25 PM Re: Ms Ella Strictlands bitch with abused man clit [Re: cbpainpuppy]
cuff Offline

Registered: 03/28/03
Posts: 114
Loc: Myrtle Beach, SC
A recurring theme of those that comment on Ms Ella, seems to be how highly skilled She is. Sometimes it is milking, sometimes it is electric, sometimes it is whipping, sometimes cbt, etc etc.

I am not sure what amazes me the most, how often people rave about Her skills, or the number of areas they rave She is skilled in.



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