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#1532740 - 04/30/12 08:45 AM Miss Lydia Supremacy
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i entered the dungeon. Miss Lydia Supremacy, of course, looked amazing. Black latex, ample cleavage, great boots.

She first had me stand and slowly She took off my clothes. She then proceeded to put on a collar and neck and ankle cuffs. Once adorned, She had me drink 20 oz of vitamin water. She then had me drink about 10 oz of Her liquid.

Next. Miss Lydia Supremacy sat down on the couch and told me to massage Her feet, since She had heard so much about my foot reflexology and massage skills. Never one to back down from a challenge,
i found some lotion and began giving Miss pleasure by tending to Her perfect feet, which had a great dark reddish color painted on. While i was caring for Her feet, W/we were able to discuss past, present and future. She gave me a glimpse into Her personal life, of which, You the reader
will never read about from me.

Miss Lydia had me walk to a cross that leaned down, so once She hooked up my ankles and wrists i was leaning onto the cross wherein Ms. Lydia proceeded to ever so slowly bite the right side and then the left of my chest, that was available through the opening of the cross. She then proceeded to get bare; down to Her bra and g string. She took out some used panties from Her cleavage and put it over my nose and face. Scrumptious!

Meanwhile, She would occasionally squeeze my nipples with Her sharply pedicured talons on Her fingers. Then, Ms. Lydia had me drink another 20 oz bottle of vitamin water and put a diaper on me.

A flogging of my back took place, followed by a harder flogger, followed by two types of single tails. During this time, Ms. Lydia took off the diaper, went to the bathroom and returned with a wet diaper, which immediately went back on me. Ms. Lydia would occasionally scratch my back with Her talons on this slave's very sensitive back.

Once done with the cross, Ms. Lydia had me drink another bottle of vitamin water and put me on my back on a bondage table and secured me. She proceeded to give me probably another 10 oz of Her liquid followed by a 20 oz glass of liquid water. i, of course, was very full. And, i was getting a little cold. Not sure if it was the wet diaper, my endorphins or anything else. i would shiver as Ms. Lydia pounded my bladder and kidneys trying to make me go.

Lo and behold, i have bladder shyness, so Ms. Lydia, very kindly walked away from the table. i then began going, and yelled out to Her.
She told me to stop, which i did. She then untied me and brought me to the toilet and had me piss into an empty bottle. i filled the entire thing. She then had me drink my piss. It was not bad, but not nearly as good as Miss Lydia Supremacy's liquid.

Ms. Lydia brought me back to the bondage table, sat on my face and told me to cum. She pulled down the diaper. She then took out some belly button lint from me and had me eat my lint. i could not get hard for the life of me. my cock was shriveled up, but it still felt good. Coupled with Miss Lydia
sitting on my face, it did not take me long to make myself cum with my hands. Of course, Miss Lydia scooped up some of my cum onto Her latex covered hands and had me slurp it off Her exquisite fingers.

Then, and finally, Miss Lydia had me keep on the wet diaper, and had me get dressed, and leave.

Thank You Miss Lydia Supremacy. Supreme indeed!

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#1532741 - 05/01/12 01:19 AM Re: Miss Lydia Supremacy [Re: slavemark1963]
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This sounds like one very fun and messy session. I bet your bladder was overwhelmingly filled. I'm glad you were able to connect with Her again on this visit.

Miss Maya Sinstress

#1532742 - 05/03/12 05:34 PM Re: Miss Lydia Supremacy [Re: slavemark1963]
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I totally forgot about making you eat your belly button lint! HAHAHA!
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