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#1569910 - 01/09/13 11:24 PM Sophia and the Magic AB Nursery *****
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I am beginning to suspect that Lady Sophia is, in fact, a sorceress. Magic may be the only explanation for the marvelous feelings she creates for me during an adult baby scene. I was fortunate enough to see her again just before Christmas, even though I'm not nearly as local any more, because I was coming back to Chicago for the holidays. (My last review is here for easy reference.)

One logistical note: if any of you are using Amazon Payments, I discovered that setting up a direct transfer from a bank account takes a LOT longer to process than a charge to a credit card. Thankfully, since I've seen Sophia several times before, it wasn't a big issue, but it was a small, unexpected snag in the otherwise smooth and professional planning for our time together.

This time around, I once again got to play as a more-than-slightly damaged older child who never mentally developed beyond infancy. Sophia was my older sister, home from nursing school for the holidays and babysitting while Mommy was out. As usual, we chatted for a few minutes when I arrived about the scene and what she had planned, and I offered a couple of suggestions about how we could use some of the non-AB furniture for our own roleplay purposes. In particular, there is a high, padded bondage table that works great for a changing table, and I think we were both more physically comfortable than trying to change me on the floor.

Then the transformation started, as Sophia gently took me by the hand, took all my big boy clothes off and eased me into my ageplay headspace. With a pacifier securely between my lips and a fresh disposable diaper ready to be fastened around me, I was already in heaven, and we'd barely even started. Sophia strikes just the right tone of voice, mostly soft and comforting tones meant to calm a fussy baby, except for an occasional and cheerful hint of humiliation when she reminds you how much of a baby you are and all the big boy things you'll never be able to do. As a nursing student, of course, Sophia was eager to try out some of what she learned at school on her baby brother, so a well-baby examination was in order, including listening to the chest with the cold stethoscope and taking baby's temperature.

Since I was acting fussy, Sophia made sure I got lots of fluids by giving me a bottle and putting me in my crib to lay down for a short time. I always like having a little time to myself in a session to soak in the physical sensations of the bottle nipple or pacifier in my mouth and the crinkly plastic of the diaper around my bottom, and Sophia times it just right to let me do that without leaving me along too long.

After some playtime and storytime (although I was more interested in chewing on the cloth Elmo book than in letting her read it), it was time for food. Instead of trying to keep me clean, though, she stripped me down to just a bib and my diaper and let me feed myself applesauce with my hands. I'm pretty proud of the mess I made of myself. Inevitably, food going into a baby means food coming out of a baby shortly after, and I was shortly due for another diaper change. It was a little chilly in the nursery (it was December, after all), so Sophia got me all bundled up in my feetie pajamas and cuddled with me on the couch to feed me a bottle. Around that time, I got one last diaper change and we transitioned out of the scene.

This was yet another great experience with 'older sister' Sophia. I wish that more ageplayers would find their way to her nursery door, because she's amazing at it. As I was packing my diaper bag to leave, she asked me if I was being fussy for a particular reason during the scene, if I was wanting her to do something specific (to be clear, we have a very clear safety signal, or if the scene really isn't going as it should be). I told her no, that I was just being fussy to be fussy, and to get a reaction out of her without particularly knowing or caring what that reaction was, because I trust her absolutely in her caregiver role and I just craved her attention as the little one in the ageplay relationship. Sophia can weave her ageplay spell over me any time she wants, and I dearly hope I get the chance to be under her tender care again soon.
Be gentle. Thanks,

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#1569911 - 01/10/13 06:32 AM Re: Sophia and the Magic AB Nursery [Re: PeterBunnyRabbit]
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ohhh - that sounds wonderful! Ageplay can be so transformative
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#1569912 - 01/10/13 05:51 PM Re: Sophia and the Magic AB Nursery [Re: MistressServalan]
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I liked reading that. I've thought about seeing you for a session sometime when you visit NYC. Although for me it's more of a humiliation session, using diapers and spanking.