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#1602297 - 09/16/13 10:38 PM Ms. Boss & Madame Charlotte
patientsub Offline

Registered: 10/17/08
Posts: 80
I have long had a fetish for beauty salons, especially salon hair dryers. Something about the helplessness and femininity of it pushes my buttons. Discussing this with Ms. Boss, she said that if I got a hair dryer she could incorporate this fetish in a BDSM session. Months passed until I found online a classic 1950’s chrome hair dryer at a reasonable price. I made the purchase and spent some time cleaning and polishing it up. When it was ready it was the week Madame Charlotte was visiting from Germany, so I arranged a three-hour session. Little did I know how this would play out as Ms. Boss took my fetish and sadistically twisted it for inclusion in a very intense scene of bondage and humiliation!

I arrived at the Compound early to deliver the rolling dryer prior to my session. As I entered I could immediately tell that Ms. Boss was not in a tolerant mood with me. As instructed I placed the dryer, and the salon cape and processing caps I brought with it, in the cross dressing room. As I attempted to describe how it worked I was cut off and permission to speak denied. I was instructed to strip and I was locked in the cell in the medical room. There I sat, awaiting my fate. When Ms. Boss entered the Medical Room to prepare for the session, I was told to turn and face the corner and of course not to speak.

This cell time increased my apprehension with each stern comment from Ms. Boss, each click of heels on the floors, each minute passing as I awaited the deserved consequences of Ms. Boss’s evident wrath.

Time Passed.

Then it was Time. Ms Boss came and took me from the cell. I was severely gagged and taken to the bathroom on the second floor and told to place my head in the toilet. Ms. Boss, while discussing my salon fetish described how I would receive special “salon treatments” to increase my femininity. She poured over my head copious amounts of her golden nectar, describing how since it was her “time of the month” this nectar would contain large amounts of estrogen hormones to help in my feminization. My soaked scalp was then quickly encased in one of the salon processing caps I had brought to absorb the hormones, and I was escorted to the room with the birthing chair.

Gagged, head saturated with urine and swathed in plastic, I was immobilized in the chair, with a PVC salon cape over my chest, lifted high and rotated back so my nether regions were accessible, I was subjected to intense electrical and verbal torment. Ms. Boss spared none of her devices or her wrath as I was subjected to intense electrical play and verbal recrimination of immense proportions. I was pummeled inside and out by electricity and Her high voltage tongue. My ass, cock and many shortcomings were equally exposed to Her attack. I was left controlled, chastised, and contrite.

Any remaining sense of control or resistance was gone as I was removed from the chair and taken downstairs to meet Madame Charlotte. I was placed in the CBT chair, still capped, gowned and gagged, and left to be subject to this German Domme’s, (whom I had never met), whims.

I was tormented and further humiliated by Madame Charlotte in the CBT chair and on the Stretching table in a most uncomfortable ass high position until I was released back into the custody of Ms. Boss who placed me on the ass bench placed in restrictive bondage “ballet boots”

I was subject to a variety of anal intrusion by the **ck machine while Ms. Boss removed the cap and I was re-drenched with “fresh” “golden hormones” while restrained on the bench. A plastic bonnet was secured upon my head and the hair dryer made it’s promised appearance. Bound to the bench, face down, electric devices on my cock and penetrated by the **ck machine, my head was engulfed by the chrome hair dryer, turned on high. The heat warmed the female urine on my head creating a warm, aroma filled environment for me to process the multiple assaults on my body. I was reduced to grunts and moans, my will gone, my world reduced to the whir and heat of the dryer, the scent of the golden, the intensity of sensation and the muffled laughter of two dominant women.

An eternity of torment was finalized as a montage of conflicting internal and external sensations resulted in a “confused” finish as I was subjected to more humiliation.

Released, showered, and after some conversation to return me to the world, I left the Compound with a new perspective on multiple levels.

"How helpless we are, like netted birds, when we are caught by desire!"
-Belva Plain

#1602575 - 09/19/13 04:45 AM Re: Ms. Boss & Madame Charlotte [Re: patientsub]
Irene Boss Offline

Registered: 08/26/03
Posts: 3130
Loc: Pittsburgh and travels
Hello patient,
This was an intense scene for me too on many levels. I feel you set the stage very well with the "key prop". It was a genuinely enjoyable sadistic experience! Madame Charlotte and I interfaced well and we complimented each other styles. I know you thought I had been going easy on you for awhile there, so this brought us right back to our "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" role play theme quite nicely. smile The dryer is safely tucked away in the closet for Dr Simone's visit in February. By the way, Madame Charlotte has seen this, read it, and enjoyed it.

Thank you,
"Dr Boss"
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#1602920 - 09/22/13 01:20 AM Re: Ms. Boss & Madame Charlotte [Re: patientsub]
harderplease Offline

Registered: 01/18/02
Posts: 734
Loc: Oregon
Sounds like you had your fantasy session. Interesting trip to the beauty parlor.

#1603120 - 09/24/13 11:15 PM Re: Ms. Boss & Madame Charlotte [Re: patientsub]
nylust Offline

Registered: 11/01/99
Posts: 1258
Loc: NY,NY
Yet another Boss review that will make it into the history books.
5' 11" hedonist!

#1603270 - 09/26/13 02:27 PM Re: Ms. Boss & Madame Charlotte [Re: nylust]
Irene Boss Offline

Registered: 08/26/03
Posts: 3130
Loc: Pittsburgh and travels
I really enjoyed playing alongside Madame Charlotte. smile

Ms Boss
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