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#1605356 - 10/24/13 01:33 PM My First Rehab Session with Mistress Ayn
ssbrown69 Offline

Registered: 10/20/13
Posts: 2
Just over two weeks ago i had the wonderful privilege having a BDSM session in Atlanta with Mistress Ayn, for the first time, and i don’t intend for it to be the last time either. Mistress Ayn is truly a Dominatrix par-excellence as her many reviews report, and as a submissive male, i feel the strong need to further confirm that fact. I will also confirm that Her appearance in person is far more stunning than Her photos do Her justice. I must admit that my session with Mistress Ayn, or more precisely my behavioral rehabilitation session, was indeed a mind-blowing experience in every way possible. I don’t have words for what a wonderful disciplinarian, kinky doctor, therapist, and caregiver She is. She manifests all the beauty, grace, intellect, and skills that a Powerful and Dominant Woman could ultimately possess and She brought me to my knees! She enhanced my journey into the dark but beautiful world of BDSM. In a very professional and caring nature, She helped me further come to peace with my kinky, submissive sexuality and helped me come to terms with the slutty little boy that lives inside me. After that rehab session, with all the probing medical treatments, the discipline, the humiliation, and the worship of Her beautiful, strong and graceful body, i felt that She hit the reset button of my mind and especially my attitude. She hit all the right buttons!

Even After having filled out all the proper forms and scheduled an appointment well ahead of time, the moment finally came when i nervously arrived at the Atlanta Dungeon and Mistress Ayn, or rather Dr. Ayn, greeted me in a warm and welcoming manner. That, along with the sight of a very attractive Female Doctor in Her white coat, put me at ease right away. After a brief discussion, Dr. Ayn ushered me straight back to Her medical room, where i was directed to the bathroom to strip down and prepare for what was to come. And then, the complete, thorough medical examination and treatments began, first like any normal strip-down physical and then increasingly kinky, humiliating and intensely sensational. Her medical room is as authentic as they get. The whole ambience, along with Dr. Ayn’s, approach makes you really feel like you are going to the doctor’s office visit of your kinkiest dreams. It was what i had always dreamed of.

While i had completed my forms in a fairly completely manner, i know i missed certain details, yet somehow Dr. Ayn still read my mind, especially with the scenario of “me being sent by my employers to Her facility for rehabilitation therapy” for the purpose of attitude-adjustment and behavior modification, whereby i would receive thorough medical examination and corrective treatment followed by intense corporal discipline therapy. While my original record implied this fantasy of mine, and my need for such treatments, She really hit the nail on the head with this one. Apart from violating all my orifices, She subjected me to an approximation what it is like to feel Feminine discomfort, pain and humiliation. So there i lie on the exam table with my legs spread apart, feet in stirrups, my naked body exposed, and my sissy hole examined, stretched, and probed. It was all so titillating. She really made me feel what i needed to feel, feminine suffering in order to help me learn more about Women. As a submissive male, i yearn to understand, respect, and serve Women more than i have in the past. While this was in some ways painful and humiliating it felt oh soooo good at the same time!

Then, the best was yet to come, as Dr. Ayn proceeded to show me what having a period feels like. Through the administration of an enema and making me hold it and suffer the simulation of menstrual cramps became quite effective. The humiliating experience of it all, having such a beautiful and caring yet strict and demanding Woman watch me trying to hold it, was the crème of the crème. I never knew it would feel so good and so liberating to be completely broken down. She further topped off the experience with Her new vibrating sound, and it was all I could do to withhold myself from the greatest pleasure of complete ejaculation. Yes, Dr. Ayn taught me a good lesson on how to treat my Female colleagues with better respect.

Dr. Ayn then followed the intrusive and humiliating medical therapies with a fairly intense session of corporal punishment upon my deserving body. It was in Her large dungeon chamber, the best punishment facility i have visited so far, where i received the full retinue of whips and chains of which my wildest dreams had always evoked. I was delightfully whipped, flogged, spanked, paddled, and caned. After a very therapeutic flogging, She artfully signed her initials on my back with Her single-tail whip and then later caned the red and white stripes of American flag with great skill onto my ass. I viewed these marks as a badge of honor and courage and i was happy to observe how She beautifully decorated my body for several days. The best intermission a slave could ever dream of, that came in between the whippings and beatings, was when She ordered me to get down on my knees and worship Her very fit and stunningly beautiful body and that, along with Her lovely scent, was truly intoxicating!

Then, after sweetly violating my mouth a bit with Her big dong, She led me and secured me to the spanking horse where She proceeded to spank, paddle, and cane me and then She took me and She delivered the treatment that my sissy slut-boy hole so badly needed. As a wonderful climax to the session – all the while being reminded of what a slutty little whore i am – Dr. Ayn rewarded me delightfully by allowing me complete release while i was still mounted on that kinky-feeling spanking horse, ass in the air in such a humiliating fashion. The whole experience was awesome, and I literally heaved my load straight onto the medical diaper that She had conveniently placed on the floor beneath me. To finalize it all, Mistress Ayn gave me the best after care in a BDSM session that i can ever remember. Not only was She comforting, empathetic, and nurturing but also careful and watchful of any health-related related issues that could come about and therefore shows that She is a real Professional in the Art of Female Domination and that She cares for Her clients.

I felt how i had always wanted to feel, emasculated and broken down by a very strict yet caring, intelligent, and beautiful Woman, and for my own good. For me it was an excellent experience of discipline and training, but it felt so gratifying both physical and emotionally all the while. I humbly thank Mistress Ayn not only for the effective medical treatments but also the corporal discipline She gave me and the pain and humiliation that came as a result. At the same time this all felt very good to and made me feel very happy. The pain that She administered brought me a sense of pleasure along with a sense of atonement that further helped to build my character and feel good as a person, and i made a strong effort to not use the safe words and I will always strive to do so as much as possible. After all, what i am most concerned with is making sure that i always please Mistress Ayn and satisfy Her desires as much as i can. Most of all i thank Her for administering all of these therapies, which i also feel teach me greater respect for Women.

In sum, I was truly in a state of bliss both during and after the session, for the rest of the evening in fact. Just as i had thought, i slept like a baby. The next morning i felt so rejuvenated from that session and i returned to work more energy and confidence than i have had in a very long time. She was right in that BDSM can be and is a very therapeutic art. Mistress Ayn is a wonderful person who provides a wonderful and necessary service to submissive men like me. I couldn’t be more grateful and appreciative for what She provided me and i think i would never tire of serving a Woman such as Mistress Ayn. All in all, i think She is right about the fact that submissive desires and fascination with BDSM are in our DNA, and in mine for sure.

My time with Mistress Ayn was far more than a sensitivity training retreat, it was a rehabilitating mini-vacation, and i definitely plan to set aside the time to return to Atlanta in order to serve Mistress Ayn again in the near future and seek Her very effective rehabilitation services. Only next time i would like to extend the vacation and would love to do one those overnight sessions so as to savor longer and more profound treatments, along with severe discipline, and thereby gain even more effective and long lasting results.


#1605378 - 10/24/13 07:32 PM Re: My First Rehab Session with Mistress Ayn [Re: ssbrown69]
Wizernow Offline

Registered: 12/25/03
Posts: 5545
Good luck with your rehab. If the experience of Hollywood celebs is any guide, you may need repeat visits. Many repeat visits!
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#1605384 - 10/24/13 09:19 PM Re: My First Rehab Session with Mistress Ayn [Re: ssbrown69]
I_scream4u Offline

Registered: 11/01/00
Posts: 7314
Loc: east coast
Sounds like a wonderful experience with a great Domme. Thanks for such a detailed account.

Hope you have many more opportunities for follow-up visits to the "doctor."
A wise woman once said, "Screaming is communication"

#1605589 - 10/28/13 12:20 AM Re: My First Rehab Session with Mistress Ayn [Re: ssbrown69]
Mistress Ayn Offline

Registered: 03/31/11
Posts: 156
Loc: Atlanta, GA
I am glad to hear that you have had additional and unexpected benefits as a result of our session. It just helps prove a point I often argue - BDSM can be spiritual, even in a professional session. Hearing that it was like hitting the reset button and provided a mini-vacation is music to My ears. It was great fun too!

An overnight session would certainly give us plenty of opportunity for reinforcing your new attitudes and I am sure your co-workers would appreciate it too. Let's do it.

Edited by Mistress Ayn (10/28/13 12:30 AM)
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