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#1610235 - 01/10/14 08:59 AM Goddess Samantha - my first beat down!
mikewillet Offline

Registered: 12/13/13
Posts: 32
This is the session review of my 3rd Divine Encounter with Goddess Samantha, and my first experience ever in being marked! References to the first 2 sessions:
- First Divine Encounter: #1608466 - 12/13/13 09:44 AM
- Second Divine Encounter: #1608697 - 12/16/13 12:37 PM

At the end of my second session, I remember the hypnotic beauty of my Goddess as she stared straight into my eyes before our session ending hug. She then taught me a few things from the dominant point of view, and I was intrigued to hear how marking her slaves affects her with positive energy! As I was still remembering these experiences when I woke up two days later, I had the powerful urge to be marked by my Goddess! My neck was still hurting from the various scissors I had "suffered" just 2 days earlier, but I had t to be marked by my Goddess, to show my complete devotion to her, but even more so to prove her total ownership of me! I sent her a message, and the divine beating was set for the next day! *SHIVERS*

As I pulled up to the dungeon, I was curious as to how my Goddess would look. She was simply ravishing in the two prior sessions, but I knew this session would be different! This was the first session where I would be significantly marked. And, as usual, Goddess Samantha was beyond ravishing!
Check the link on my Fetlife page:

For those who can't access the photo, how can I describe divinity? She was wearing knee high leather boots, and her powerful legs were hugged with fishnet stockings. She wore a sexy leather mini skirt with a matching corset. Because she was in the role of an international spy police agent, she was wearing an officer cap, and gloves that covered past her elbow decorated her amazing strong arms. In fact, one of the memorable moments in this session was my discovery of my "arm worship fetish", which I will refer to later in this review. But as amazing as she looks in the above Fetlife photo, it does not compare to seeing her personally! It is quite hard to explain the mystique of her beauty! When the session started, I already found her amazingly stunning, but as the beat down progressed, she actually became even more attractive and stunning to me! There is just something indescribable that happens when I am under my Goddess' feet, looking up at her! *GOOSEBUMPS*

In the role play, I was an international spy, trying to smuggle top intelligence secrets out of the country. As I already mentioned, Goddess played the role of interrogating officer, and she was flawless in her role! She started by ordering me to strip down, after which she lead me to her cross and restrained me. She then rained several punches to my chest and upper abs, which I was still feeling 7 days later!

She was so amazing in her interrogation, with her cool calm dominant voice, "I know you are holding something back from me, and I intend to discover everything," she taunted.
"I'm going to report you to the police!" I threatened.
"I am the police," she retorted.
"You will be reported for police brutality!" I once again threatened.
"Who will believe you?" she questioned, as she threw a few more well positioned punches, "Go ahead and scream! No one will hear you or come to your rescue here!"

So I screamed, more out of sub-space ecstasy than role play, for I am crazy about everything Goddess Samantha does! And did I mention her voice? *SHIVERS* There are several things that stand out to me in Goddess Samantha that I noticed in the 3 sessions we have had so far:
1) She knows what she is doing and is impeccably professional;
2) She is beautiful, and she knows it, making her even more sexy;
3) She is proud of her body and her strength, as she should be;
4) She seems to have fun in providing enjoyment to her slaves;
5) She thinks and plans the sessions out beforehand, but also leaves room for spontaneity;
6) She has such a calm demeanor, yet is convincingly in control of the whole session;
7) She perceives the limits of her slaves, and knows the right dosage of pain to dish out!

I recommend Goddess Samantha for anyone curious about being dominated by a strong yet mysteriously soft and feminine woman. Everything about her has captured my attention and devotion! Now back to my review:

After she was done punching my chest and abs, I was turned around on the cross, exposing my back side to Goddess for her punishment. She started with a simple flogger, raining blows upon my back and buttocks. At first I had not noticed the mirror in her dungeon, so I did not see her walking back and forth as she dished out punishment with different implements. Not perceiving the mirror was beneficial in a way, for it was a thrill to just hear my Goddess' footsteps as she went to find new tools to punish me with. When I finally did notice the mirror, it was a pleasure to watch her work, for she is my definition of grace in action!

My back and buttocks were punished with a few implements before the caning came in. I am so grateful that my Goddess is experienced, for she knew the right dosage of pain I could enjoyably handle. A less experienced domme would surely have been more careless, especially when given the freedom to "mark me real good!" Sure the caning stung, but it was a delightful sting coming from my Goddess. I tried to see the progress of the marks on my back, but the mirror was positioned in such a way that I could not see the art work Goddess was etching onto my back. When she finally showed me the lovely marks on my back and buttocks, a rush came over me and I screamed in submissive ecstasy! But I was still in for more of a beating, for the interrogator was still not satisfied with my answers, and she was determined to get the whole truth out of me! Here is the link showing her handiwork:

I remember her releasing me from the cross, and calmly ordering me to my knees. I was then ordered to kiss her boots. Once again, a rush came over me as I kiss her sexy boots, and I once again screamed in sub-space ecstasy. Though my neck was still sore from my session 3 days earlier, she did renew that pain with a few of her incredible head scissors!

I don't even remember how her boots came off, but I was ordered to lay on my back on the floor as I was once again with my arms and legs restrained. My Goddess walked on my chest with her full weight. That would not be a problem were it not for the pain my chest was still feeling from her punches. Nevertheless, I loved feeling those perfect feet walk on me! Next thing I knew, those divine feet were kicking me in the ribs. Moments before, I had requested to take one of feet home with me so I could hold them and hug them! She answered my request in her own Goddess way! She engraved her feet marks into my ribs! What a delight! Two weeks later, the bruises from this "kick down" are still clearly visible! The bruises are also posted on my Fetlife page, for those who were able to open the link I pasted above, but here is the link for one of the "bruise photos":

Of course I was granted the pleasure of foot worship. During my first 2 sessions, I explored her toes and arches, but for some reason, in this session, I discovered her heels! WOW! Also, her toe nails were painted a perfect royal red. I knew they were so divine that I would need permission to touch and kiss them. I had never imagined I could get a rush from kissing toe nails, but it happened intensely! I went crazy in my foot worship and lower leg worship. Of course, I needed to ask permission before I touched any muscle of Goddess, for she is very strict and punishes each transgression!

Another clear detail I recall is looking up at my flawless Goddess during the session, and having the urge to touch her soft divine hair (as I did in our second session) and to kiss her lovely cheeks! She granted both desires at the end of the session when I asked her!

As the session was coming to an end, I remember being on the spanking horse (yes, I had touched Goddess without permission, and received due punishment!), and my Goddess was sitting down in front of me. It hit me that, though I was aching all over, she had taken it easy on me, barely exerting even 5% of her power! That is why the arm worship was so enjoyable, for I knew she had so much more power to punish than I would ever be capable of feeling! I repeat, Goddess knew the right dosage to give me, being this was my first beating I had ever received, and I will never forget it! To this day, I can't wait to do some more arm worship, as this moment of the session is clearly etched into my memory!

Goddess always starts and ends her sessions with a warm hug, which are two of the moments I always look forward to. She commented on the intensity of my sub space, and when I embraced her afterward, all I could say was, "Thank-you, Goddess"! Strange to say, there was something quite therapeutic in the beating, for in the days that followed, I noticed I was less stressed than normal, and my happy go lucky dry sense of humor seemed to flourish again!

I really can't wait to mark another beating, and I recommend my Goddess to anyone that loves to be dominated by a strong sexy feminine woman, whether an experienced slave, or a newbie like me!

Want to know more about my amazing Goddess? Check out her sites below:

Goddess Samantha - sites
follow the blog of Goddess Samantha

#1610293 - 01/11/14 11:57 AM Re: Goddess Samantha - my first beat down! [Re: mikewillet]
Roger Offline

Registered: 04/26/02
Posts: 5127
I talked to her at Domcon Atlanta. Nice lady and stunningly attractive. Lucky you! smile


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