I'd been very curious about this beauty for quite some time so I decided to drive over the hill and take advantage of IronGates Monday play party as a way of meeting her in the flesh.

For anyone interested, Iron Gates has these play parties where you pay $40 at the door and then $20 for 10 minutes of play ( or longer ) with a Domme. Think of it as a tasting menu where you can nibble a lot of things to see what you like.

Melody is absolutely stunning in person and in 20 minutes proved to me that I would very much like to go back for a private and have a full hour. She is hot, experienced, commanding, sexy, and filthy. What more can you ask for?

You can find her here: http://losangeles.backpage.com/Dominatio...iny-26/25927566
and here: http://www.irongatestudiossfv.com/user/m...rch2=&#ptop

Have fun storming the castle!