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#1614072 - 03/02/14 11:42 PM Mistress Melodyla Irongatestudio
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I haven’t done this before. So I’m just beginning with the pin in my hands ending unplanned, not sure what to write while staring at this blank page. So, I turned on the light in this cloudy day, looking at the clouds, hoping the light will illuminate the words that I cannot find, while reaching for a divine intervention to describe Mistress Melody. So this was my very first session, and luckily it was with Mistress Melody.

I have met Mistress Melody today. The instant I saw her I was paralyzed by 5’5’’of turning head beauty with sheer blond hair, some might say (heavenly creature). I was enticed by her long leg, shimmering skin and mesmerized by the cutest facial features I have ever seen. She has dimples deeper than the ocean a smile that can easily light this whole world and a sadistic devilish personality. This all added up to the elusive Mistress combo ‘’Mistress Melody’.

Mistress guided me and sat me down and we had a brief discussion about my limits and what will go on, we came to an agreement and off we went. When you are facing Mistress Melody all your sense will tingle your heartbeat will beat to her boot knocks and every fiber in your bone will lead you to her path. She dressed me up and tied my hand and folded my eyes. I could feel her so close and I was reaching for something in the distance but then mistress turned me around and gave me a taste of her floggers. I was close to tears yet so happy that I didn’t want to stop at all. After that I was commanded to worship mistress’s feet and I know for a fact that if happy ever after did exist it would defiantly be under Mistress Melody’s feet. And the session continued and I was dominated to an oblivion.

Long story short, if you enjoy being hurt and whipped or if you are looking for true goddess of beauty to worship, you my friend have just found the treasure. I had to the opportunity to experience her flogging skills and had the privilege to worship her feet so trust me when I say this. There is no substitute to Mistress Melody, she come second to none. I know this might get me in trouble in time but I can’t hold a weighted heart I have to let it all out from the start. Anyone would meet her will know that she is not the same any other mistress out there. She will go far and beyond your imagination. I was in ‘’pinch me moment’’ when I went home. So, I believe I have just found the kryptonite of the male race.

#1614200 - 03/04/14 11:37 AM Re: Mistress Melodyla Irongatestudio [Re: Madison0390]
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Mistress Melody is indeed, incredibly hot!

Have fun storming the castle!