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#1615701 - 03/24/14 05:46 PM Mistress Melody - Los Angeles
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I have lurked on this board, off and on, for years but this is the first time I have posted a review and I am mixed about it because I'm not a hundred percent keen on sharing Mistress Melody - but she more than deserves it.

Put briefly, in more than twenty years of scening with Pro-Dommes and some amateurs, Melody (who operates out of Irongate in the San Fernando Valley) is by far the best. I've stopped looking for the Domme of My Dreams. Although I am a writer by trade, the reasons are hard to describe, other than she is quite beautiful;and very bright and a natural Domme. Others are.

What separated Melody from the others for me was her incredible ability to connect. I felt I was completely Hers from the moment I stepped inside the door of Irongate (an excellent facility, btw, with all the necessities and an aura of discretion, which I appreciate).

To be candid I was quite nervous the moment I saw her. I don't know why, since I'm relatively experienced, but I was. She recognized this immediately and put her hand gently around my waist, leading me inside as if I were her boy immediately. I melted. This doesn't happen often to me. In fact, I can't really remember it ever happening before.

Then we sat down for a few moments and she questioned me about my interests. The truth is I was more interested in her. I would have been interested in anything that caught her fancy (and still am). I think that's one of the essences of the Domme-sub relationship, something many of us seek.

Of course, I gave her some of my interests and we later performed a few of them, but that's not really the point here. I hate to be coy, but I'm not a kiss and tell or sub and tell kind of guy. But she does have gorgeous feet and legs, not to mention derriere. Suffice it to say she had her way with me.

Obviously I thought she was great, have already gone again and will be going more... and more.. and still more.... I am certain. After all, as I said, she merited my first review. We professional writers don't like writing for free, just like Pro Dommes don't like Domming for free, even if their hearts are in it, as Mistress Meoldy's is. They're entitled. If you go see her, you will thank me.

#1615711 - 03/24/14 07:25 PM Re: Mistress Melody - Los Angeles [Re: subliminal22]
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That about sums it up. She's gorgeous. And very Dominant. smile

Have fun storming the castle!