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#1664285 - 07/19/16 06:21 AM Mistress Tracy of Dallas
Kinkster90210 Offline

Registered: 07/08/16
Posts: 4
Loc: Dallas
I have been seeing Mistress Tracy for about 2 years now. I have probably seen her 70 times. Here is her website: Her e-mail address is M. Tracy provides the FULL range of BDSM activities and has a huge assortment of toys, clothes and equipment. But I am more interested in shaving, foot worship (she has gorgeous feet), occasionally a golden shower, and light CBT. I have also done electrical play and sounds. I am not really a submissive, but I am definitely into kinky edge play and sensation play. Principally, I like deep anal play from a hot woman. And M. Tracy fills the bill. Her large in-call apartment has three primary rooms – a medical room, a rubber room, and a sling room. She also has a massage table set up in a separate area. After starting out with shaving and some light CBT on the massage table, MT and I move into the room with the sling. The sling is in the middle of the room suspended from a metal frame. Black drapes cover the walls and the room is dimly lit. A large mirror covers one wall so you can watch while she is using you. I get into the sling and MT moves between my legs. She is wearing a nurse’s outfit with black stiletto heels, and with a black bra and black thong underneath. Her blond hair is pulled back and she is wearing red lipstick that complements her fair complexion. She looks totally hot. She has already laid out 7 or 8 toys on a table next to the sling and has covered them with condoms. She puts black nitrile gloves on both hands and wraps her forearm in shrink wrap up to the elbow. She is very diligent about keeping everything clean and sterile, which is very important. She begins by putting a large blob of Crisco on the end of 2 or 3 fingers and begins to push it inside my ass. She keeps working more and more of it in with one hand while she sensuously strokes my cock and balls with her other hand. She has a wicked grin on her face and engages in some lovely dirty talk about what a nasty slut I am. I can only moan in agreement. After working 3 fingers deep into me, she picks up her first toy from the table - an 8-inch, clear plastic vibrator, about an inch and a half in diameter. This is the smallest toy she uses. She slowly sinks it into me - all the way to the base. After a minute or two of this, she asks me if I am ready. I know what this means. I inhale a popper and feel a flush come over me and my ass relaxes even more. MT withdraws the vibrator and with very little effort slowly slides her fist into me a couple of inches past her wrist. All I can do is moan. She then spends the next 5-10 minutes moving her hand in and out as my ass opens and relaxes. She withdraws her fist and gets the next two toys – both are double-headed dildos. The first one is a clear gel, 18 inches long, but slender – only about as thick as a man’s thumb. MT inserts it slowly into me. She is an expert at doing this and, after about 8-10 inches go in, I can feel the head move past the second sphincter inside me and into the colon. She keeps inserting it until nearly all 18 inches are in me. She is holding onto the last half inch with her fingertips. She withdraws it and repeats several times. Then she moves to the second double-headed dildo. This one is also about 18 inches, but thick - about 2 inches in diameter. She inserts this one past the second sphincter too, but I can only take about 13-14 inches before the pressure gets to be too much. With that MT switches back to fisting, but this time she goes for depth. She inserts her hand again and keeps going slowly. I feel her pressing into the second sphincter until about two-thirds of her forearm is in me. She is about 3 inches from her elbow when she stops. She slowly withdraws and repeats several times, each time trying to go just a bit further. MT withdraws and goes back to her toys. The next couple of toys are big butt plug toys designed to stretch wide. Each one is thicker than a Coke can and over ten inches. Each one attaches to a handheld device called a “Knuckle Punch” (Google it) that kind of looks like a set of brass knuckles with a thumb-sized projection on the end of it that inserts into the butt plug. I take another popper hit and MT spends about another 5-10 minutes stretching me with those plugs. We now switch to her favorite strap-on toy. She puts on a Real-Feel Deluxe No. 12 that hangs down almost to her knees. Here is a picture of it: I get fucked in the sling for about 5 minutes until she tires. She goes slowly, but she goes deep. The whole time she talks dirty to me while she fucks me with the monster dong. Next comes the Doc Johnson Hung dildo. It is even bigger and mounts on the end of the Knuckle Punch. Here is a picture: It is enormous and MT has to use both hands to fuck me with it. She keeps going in until I feel the balls hitting between my ass cheeks. All this has been done to prepare me for the final two events. My two hours are nearly up. MT again lubes up both hands with Crisco and inserts one hand a few inches past the wrist. She then slides her other hand flat along the forearm of the first hand and slowly works her second hand into my ass. It takes about a minute of pushing and I take a third, big popper hit. Suddenly, the second hand pops in and MT is double-fisting me about 2-3 inches past her wrists. I can’t take this for very long and MT withdraws after about a minute or so. Finally, MT slips off her stiletto heel and sits on stool between my legs. She slips a large Magnum XL condom over her foot and proceeds to insert her foot into me. After the double fisting, her slender foot is easy. She goes in all the way up the arch to the front of her ankle –about two inches short of the heel. She instructs me to masturbate. I jerk off furiously while she slowly works her foot in and out. The whole time, she says delightfully filthy things to me until I finally come all over my stomach. After that, I showered up and got dressed. After a pleasant chitchat, MT sends me on my way with a smile. I will be back again next week.

Edited by Kinkster90210 (07/19/16 06:28 AM)

#1664286 - 07/19/16 06:28 AM Re: Mistress Tracy of Dallas [Re: Kinkster90210]
Kinkster90210 Offline

Registered: 07/08/16
Posts: 4
Loc: Dallas
Sorry, but I have no idea why all of the paragraphing was lost in the post above.

I cut-and-pasted from a Word document. Could that be the cause?

Edited by Kinkster90210 (07/19/16 06:29 AM)

#1664292 - 07/19/16 09:28 AM Re: Mistress Tracy of Dallas [Re: Kinkster90210]
pottymouth Offline

Registered: 12/25/00
Posts: 556
Yes, you probably lost your formatting when you pasted it in. Actually, you're lucky. I copied and pasted text into a post a few months ago, reviewed it and it looked fine but it ended up blank when I published it and I couldn't delete the blank post. Trust me, I didn't mind reading your post as displayed.

I also enjoy receiving anal attention from an aggressive woman. I must admit though, I have yet to receive a double fisting. What you shared is very sexy! Mistress Tracy sounds wonderful!

pottymouth shocked

#1664295 - 07/19/16 10:20 AM Re: Mistress Tracy of Dallas [Re: Kinkster90210]
AspX Offline

Registered: 07/08/10
Posts: 1107
Loc: Detroit
In the future, I would suggest pasting it from Word into notepad then cut and paste it from there into here. Notepad is really old and basic so it cuts out all the background formatting and it will then display properly when posted.


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