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#1670278 - 11/06/16 08:12 PM my session with Domina Yuki in San Francisco
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my last session with Domina Yuki started off slowly as i shined Domina Yuki's latex catsuit, making sure that She looked at Her best in it. i felt honored to have this opportunity to make Her look at Her best. Slowly rubbing the silicone lube against Her latex-covered skin only made me more eager to serve Domina Yuki, and to suffer for Her. And i loved every moment of it, feeling the warm latex, seeing it become shinier at every touch...

i was then bound standing up with my hands attached to my thighs. i was chained to a suspended spreader bar to restrict my movements. She continued to flog and whip me, warming me up for what was to come, as i slowly drifted in bliss. She then took out Her new dragon's tongue, and started to whip me over my chest until it had red spots looking like flames. i liked how it sounded as it hit me. It felt stingy against my skin as it made it turn red. And the marks looked beautiful, making me more eager to become even more marked by Mistress. She also used Her new single tail whip, which left some darker marks. It was an honor to be used to break Domina Yuki's new toys - to be the first victim of Her new toys. When She was taking a break from whipping me, She could be pinching my nipples or making me drink Her spit. As i felt Her spit come down my throat, i only wanted to serve Her more. She also took out some claws that She rubbed against my skin, pushing me deeper in subspace, making me more eager to obey. i felt like i was floating in space, even as i was bound and could only wiggle. The only thing that mattered was making Domina Yuki happy, as that was the only way that i could be happy.

i was then put on the sex sling, as Domina Yuki's continued to hit me all over my vulnerable body. my legs got tied to a spreader bar to keep them open. She put a breath play hood on me, which restricted my sight and allowed Her to block my breath at will. As vulnerable as i was, i felt like i couldn't be more comfortable, as being Her captive slave is the sweetest feeling i could have. i could relax and focus on the pain and on my subspace. She also took out some clamps, which She used over my nipples, cock, and balls. She used a vibrator against the clamps, which only made them feel a lot more painful. i was left vulnerable, only being able to feel the whipping and caning against my skin. Each stroke, each clamp, and every time She blocked my breath, i was under Her spell, living for the moment, for the next hit, the next breath. Once She took off the hood, She used a crop that had a sandpaper-like texture. She would hit me with it, then rub it against my skin. It was not as painful as i expected, but by then, any pain would feel rewarding. But taking off the clamps against my balls turned out to be more painful than anticipated: as much as i was trying to take it, i had to scream as loud as i could. That overwhelming sensation rushed through my body, sending me back to Earth, with Domina Yuki smiling next to me. She always love to hear my desperate screams! She then asked me to kiss Her soft hand as i came down from the pain. That felt like a fitting conclusion to it, being able to worship Her one last time. Every kiss made me only more eager to serve Her again, and again...

Before and after the session, Domina Yuki is friendly, and knows how to make me feel comfortable. When the session starts, She instantly becomes sensual and sadistic, making me desperate for Her. But i always feel safe with Her. As much as She enjoys pushing me to the edge of what i thought i could take, She will always make sure that i'm feeling safe along the way. i am glad that i have the chance to call Her "Mistress", and to be able to serve Her as Her toy.

#1670563 - 11/11/16 03:57 AM Re: my session with Domina Yuki in San Francisco [Re: ejvddxczhf]
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That's a great review! Many of the activities you describe are ones that are not high on my "to do" list, but the manner in which you describe them and the passion you express them with gave me a thrill. And that's always a good thing!

Thanks for sharing!

#1670578 - 11/11/16 09:48 AM Re: she is quite versatile [Re: christopherr]
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Domina Yuki can do just about anything. I sessioned with her once and she laughed in my face about how easy it was to overpower me with the sheer power of her superior intelligence. I felt like an insect hoping that she wouldn't squash me with a single thought. It was a great place to be.

Someone once posted a great humiliation review on a Domina Yuki session. She took a bowl of cereal, used it as an ash tray, spit in it, pissed in it and then spoon fed it to the guy.

It must have been a mind blowing experience, something that she can really pull off due to her natural superiority.