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#1671548 - 11/30/16 07:33 PM Domina Yuki (SF) creative ballbusting/corporal
Panda09 Offline

Registered: 11/30/16
Posts: 3
I recently had the pleasure of a combination bondage/corporal session with Mistress Yuki of San Francisco. I had seen the Mistress once before and was impressed by Her style. In one moment, I would be drawn in by Her sensual teasing, and the next instant I was taken aback by a sharp infliction of pain. The juxtaposition was so consistent that I could not get enough of either, and I knew that I had to see Her again.

Initially meeting Mistress Yuki this time, we briefly discussed mixing bondage and impact play. She afterward walked me with a lead into the playspace and strapped me into what I can only describe "a bondage chair." A leather shroud leaving only an opening for my mouth strapped my head in place, while my arms, chest and ankles were buckled to the chair leaving my genitals dangling through an opening in the seat. This was where the fun really began.

This session was largely a continuation of the themes of my last session with Mistress Yuki, in which I asked to explore my limits for CBT and pain play. Strapped to the chair blindfolded, Mistress Yuki tied my balls, attached a heavy weight and proceeded to flog by body. The weights rocked back and forth which each impact, dragging my testicles with them. Over the next several minutes, She found other ways to torment my vulnerable genitals, using implements I did not see and cannot identify.

At this point, I should mention that what impressed me during both sessions was Mistress Yuki's penchant for improvisation. It effectively made both sessions unpredictable, and that was amplified this second session especially when I was blindfolded again (see below). Bound, vulnerable and unable to see, it is the sensation of being a prisoner within Her Mind.

Released from the chair, Mistress Yuki then tied me into a straitjacket and spreader bar, gagged me and fastened me to a chain pulley. Her focus was consistent -- She attached more than a dozen clothespins to my nipples and genitals. I did not know at the time, but those clothespins would leave a lasting impression on me (see below).

With me secured and exposed, Mistress Yuki went to work with a number of implements. During the first session, I was most responsive to Her paddle, which She quickly used this time to pummel my buttocks. The pain was even more excruciating and I could only hug my body as she unloaded on my ass and my nipples. She then moved on to her cane, which was just as excruciating as it struck everywhere that was still raw.

Mistress Yuki then turned to strike my penis with her cane. The first hit was overwhelming, as the clothespins on my cock and balls ground into each other. The sensation made me so apprehensive that Mistress Yuki spent time toying with my mind, winding Her cane and watching me squirm. But when I flinched less She let me have it and pain surged through my genitals.

Once She was done with this scenario, Mistress Yuki ungagged me and fastened me to a St. Andrew's Cross. She spent the next several minutes trying some of Her favorite implements on my back and my butt. A medium-sized whip was overwhelming when it struck my vertibrae, and Her Dragon's Tongue whip was as intense over an even greater surface area. She ended this scenario with her cane, which was even more painful than before and made me cry out in an even higher pitch.

When Mistress Yuki decided my butt had had enough, She had one last trial for me. She placed my hands into leather mitts and asked me to lay on my front with my hands on my back. Even with the heavy leather mitts, I could feel the heat from my buttocks on my hand -- I was happy with the knowledge those wounds would stay with me for a while. She then cuffed my ankles and hastened them to the mitts, leaving me hogtied and forced to inchworm to her when She commanded me to do so. And when I reached Her, She ordered me onto my side and fitted me with a hood enclosing my head, save my nose and mouth.

I was in this position for the rest of the session, and Mistress Yuki apparently reclined, allowed me to worship Her Feet. As I began, I felt a low vibration on my cock, which was just enough to get me excited. But that short reprieve quickly gave in to the feel of Her Hand squeezing my testicles. Unable to see, I could not at first tell how intensely Her Hands constricted around my balls, but after a while I could extrapolate that She was squeezing them ferociously, sometimes one at a time.

Alternating between the vibrator on my cock and Her Hand around my balls, a rush of excitement and fear overwhelmed me. In retrospect, I am certain both sensations fed into each other and beckoned me to tend to Her Feet. After a while, Mistress Yuki chose to put away the vibrator and directed Her Attention to squeezing the hell out of my balls. At Her Mercy, I continued to worship Her Feet as I did throughout the ordeal. I felt Her hands crush one testicle and then the other, and I had no choice but to overcome my own gasps of pain and worship Her Feet uninterrupted.

As the session ended, Mistress Yuki was kind and nurturing, letting me kiss Her Feet one last time and offering me a glass of water. But the torment continued after I left the playspace. Before I left, Mistress Yuki noticed my butt was surprisingly red and that a bruise had formed on my upper thigh, where Her cane had once struck me. On my way home, I sat down and felt the aching reminder of each lash She gave me.

That aching pain was the result of several welts, a few of which turned into small bruises. I also discovered a few large bruises on my penis, the largest of which were on the bottom of the shaft, where the clothespins were fastened but where Mistress Yuki did not strike. These souvenirs have been their own kind of fun, not the least of which because the exquisite pain that Mistress Yuki inflicted has stayed with me beyond my session with Her.

What impressed me the most Mistress Yuki was how She built on our prior session, and its focus on CBT, nipple play and corporal punishment. But what also impressed me was her authenticity. Each Dominatrix is a different Woman with different proclivities, and what struck me about Mistress Yuki was how comfortable She is in Her own Skin. Her propensity to improvise and Her balance of sensuality and cruelty are parts of her Her Signature. After the session, I felt privileged for Mistress Yuki to leave Her Mark on me.

#1671578 - 12/01/16 07:17 AM Re: Domina Yuki (SF) creative ballbusting/corporal [Re: Panda09]
birdman Offline

Registered: 01/18/00
Posts: 824
Loc: California
Thanks for sharing! Most 1st posters tend to be disregarded, but i certainly won't on this one - as i've experienced Domina Yuki's expertise 1st hand...And now i want a return visit!

#1672413 - 12/19/16 10:14 PM Re: Domina Yuki (SF) creative ballbusting/corporal [Re: birdman]
DominaYuki Offline

Registered: 02/20/10
Posts: 30
You should, birdman. I'm assuming it's been awhile since you've seen me, I've really honed my skills in the past few years. Plus I take sessions out of two incredible, well stocked dungeons that are stocked with all the devious toys I could ever want.

#1672849 - 12/29/16 06:47 AM Re: Domina Yuki (SF) creative ballbusting/corporal [Re: DominaYuki]
birdman Offline

Registered: 01/18/00
Posts: 824
Loc: California
Ah...Invites always add to the thrill! Domina Yuki, if business doesn't find me in Your area in coming months, i'll make a special trip there! smile

#1672865 - 12/29/16 11:16 PM Re: Domina Yuki (SF) creative ballbusting/corporal [Re: Panda09]
christopherr Offline

Registered: 11/21/01
Posts: 18
Loc: Suffolk County, NY
Panda09 it sounds like you had a great experience. I too have newfound respect for clothespins -- they can be merciless devils.

This sentence from your review is an absolute gem: "Over the next several minutes, She found other ways to torment my vulnerable genitals, using implements I did not see and cannot identify."


#1673043 - 01/02/17 08:52 PM Re: Domina Yuki (SF) creative ballbusting/corporal [Re: birdman]
DominaYuki Offline

Registered: 02/20/10
Posts: 30
That would be wonderful!


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