I met Mistress Karolina in a hotel in London during her last stay.

The first thing I noticed about her was the friendly and stern stare of her eyes, she was dressed sharply but conservatively. We met in a hotel bar and chatted over glass of wine.

She stared into my eyes and explained that she was there to fulfill the things that we talked about in the email, and she commanded we go upstairs that we would privately confirm my limits and she could take full control of the situation.

Leaving the bar she was completely discreet and acted as she was a business associate or probably my wife. And I was very proud to be seen leaving the bar with her.

We went to the room and she clearly confirmed the limits that we talked about in the email.

My deepest fantasies go back to my catholic schooling. Mistress Karolina became Sister Karolina, she told me that my exam results were terrible and she need to punish me for them. She told me to band over the desk and spanked with the paddle 12 times. Seeing that my cock was erect, she took it into hand and started to masturbate very hard and at the same time took school cane into hand and started to cane my ass. And I came as I never cum before. My excitement was as I never felt before. Mistress Karolina kissed me on the head and I saw in her yeas both kindness sternness and love. And she said to me that it is absolutely OK who I am. She is a great person, a beautiful woman and an understanding dominatrix. I can't wait to see her again.

Here is her web-site: http://topdominatrix.org.