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#1680136 - 05/08/17 09:57 PM The First Time--At DomConLA
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The First Time—At DomConLA

The first time is always very special. The first time of anything. My first time in BDSM was with Ms. Boss and it was extraordinary. It occurred at DomConLA. It changed my life forever. If you are thinking about trying BDSM, don't delay. You won't regret it.

I had been told what time to arrive and the room number at the hotel. Be there on time I told myself; not late, not early. I got to the floor of her room early, so I walked up and down the corridors trying to look inconspicuous. At the appointed time, I approached the door with my heart pounding. What would transpire on the other side? It was my first encounter with a Professional Dominant Mistress, my first person-to-person admission of my hidden nature. Would I ever be the same again?

Since I had already decided I would do this, there was no backing out. I knocked and waited and soon the door opened to reveal a large, softly-lit hotel suite. The person opening the door was discreetly positioned behind the door so that any passersby in the hall would not see her lovely high heels, hose, and rubber corset. The door closed and the Mistress said, “I remember you.”

These first words were most reassuring and connected me with all the times I had talked with Ms. Boss at past DomComs. It was an excellent way to calm my fears.

My pathway to this first session had been a long, slow one. I had first met Ms. Boss many years earlier when I was looking at the videos available at her booth at DomComLA. She asked me if she could help me make a selection. I was shocked that she would talk to me. Something in her warm friendly manner had me revealing to her, within minutes, the fetish preferences that I had never mentioned to anyone in my whole life.

She made some recommendations, but gave me the admonishment that these were professional films with extreme scenes. She told me that these did not represent the average encounter between a Dominant Woman and a submissive. It was good to get this advice, since I was shocked when I saw the films. I knew I could never participate in something like that. I knew that Ms. Boss was way beyond anything I could do in BDSM.

Each year, for several years, I continued to have brief talks with Ms. Boss at her booth at DomConLA. In each chat, she taught me more about BDSM. I learned that she did sessions when she was at the conference. I was surprised to hear this—it never occurred to me that private sessions could be happening in addition to the scheduled DomCon activities.

I complimented her on the films that I most enjoyed and thanked her for her personal help in teaching me about the scene. To my amazement she said, “Aw, thanks. Let me give you a hug.” And she hugged me! It was a warm personal gesture. I was shocked and amazed to be hugged by this famous Domme. After several years, yes years, of visiting with her at DomConLA, I finally asked for a session with her. She graciously accepted me although I had no experience.

Once I entered her room she showed me the bathroom where I could change. She had decided that it would make me most comfortable in this first session if I started it crossdressed in my feminine persona. This was an excellent idea. I dressed as fast as I could considering my hands were shaking from anticipation. I had chosen a red outfit with a pencil skirt and puff sleeve top to match some five-inch strappy heels. My bra, garter belt, and hose were black and I wore a dark red corset.

When I teetered out of the bathroom while getting used to my heels, the Mistress made a sound of approval at my attire and took me by the wrist. This was a very telling move for me. She did not take my hand. That would be too familiar. She encircled my wrist with a hold like a handcuff that told me she was in control of me. She said that we would first do a turn around the room to see what was there. She also said it was good to have a plan for the session and an end point and she would explain that to me as we went. This was very helpful and put me at ease. Clearly, she was in control. All I had to do was obey.

Although it was a hotel room, it was full of BDSM toys. She showed me a table of straps and canes, a table of toys, a collection of ropes, and a rack with wigs on it. I had no idea what the toys were for. It seemed strange to me to have them there. Most amazing was a large apparatus in the middle that contained a sling/swing type device. All of this was all quite surprising to me. I had expected her to give me commands—to kneel, to heel, to crawl, to worship—but I never had anticipated so much equipment.

She went over to couch and sat down and instructed me to lie across her lap. “We will begin with some corporal right here,” she said. I had no idea what was about to happen.

Before the session, in the back and forth emails that set up the session, I had written,
"I have never been spanked, paddled, or whipped so I don't know how I would react. However, since corporal punishment seems to be one of your specialties, I suspect this cannot be avoided. It would certainly fit into the scenario of fully training a slave to become totally devoted to his Domina and to understand the consequences of misbehavior or failure."

I was glad to lie across her lap as instructed. Only later, did I appreciate the fact that this is a nice way to get started, to make a body-to-body connection, and to provide a warm-up for more severe corporal to follow. As she spanked me, I found it to be wonderful. Having pain inflicted on me by this beautiful dominant seemed just right. I delighted in how she held my hands behind me as she administered 400 blows.

Later I wrote " I ask myself why would anyone want to be beaten? I often wondered this watching your movies. Yet I would like this again. I guess it is the act of complete submission to the point of damage. It is a tangible visible sign that the submissive will give complete power to the Domina. I find myself proud of the marks I have received at your hand. Is that strange? I find that I want to be marked by you. Does that make sense?"

I was starting on a very steep learning curve. She is still teaching to appreciate increased amounts of strapping and tawsing. Currently, she is teaching me the joys of being whipped, harder and harder each time. I love it.

She next decided to tie me up. I was amazed at her skill and speed in putting me in a hog-tie. It was my first chance to watch her doing bondage. Any part of her that is visible, for example, her hand, wrist, toe, heel, derriere, and more, is a delight to see as she moves to restrict me into tighter and tighter bondage. To this day, I revel in this activity.

Once she had me fully trussed, she picked me up and moved me around the room. "I can take you anywhere I want," she pronounced. This simultaneously showed me my helplessness and her strength and power. I was a helpless little gurl in her hands.

She introduced me to flogging in my hog-tied position and then allowed me to kiss the hand that flogged her. It was an act of submission that felt so appropriate to me. She put on a strap-on and forced me to suck it. This seemed like a strange activity to me at the time. Now I understand the deep significance of sucking her cock and I love it.

The rest of the session is a bit blurry. I remember she told me to go back into the bathroom to remove my outer clothes. At some point, she introduced me to the convent strap and a ball gag. She sat on my head to show me my position and allowed me my first kiss….of her ass. However, most of the session was a whirlwind of new for me.

I was shocked when she told me to return to the bathroom again to remove my restrictive panty girdle. I had thought that, in these sessions, the male genitalia should never to be seen. It should be as if male genitals do not exist. Only the female is important in a Femdom relationship. So I wore the tightest panty girdle I owned to make sure there was no sign of my manhood. Again, I was clueless.

It was with considerable embarrassment that I came out of the bathroom wearing only a garter belt, hose, and heels below the waist. Again the Mistress was reassuring: "Nice," she said as I walked toward her. I did not know what to think about that comment. Little did I know that these were my first steps in giving her ownership of everything between my legs.

She put me in the sling and I was impressed by the binders she had for securing me hand and foot to this device. I was amazed to be hanging in this sling before this impressive Domme wearing only my bra, garter belt, heels, and hose. Little did I know what she had planned for the rest of me.

She went into another room and came out with a roll of ribbon for wrapping presents. She reeled off a length and cut it with her teeth. That primal rip made me shudder. I got the message. Soon my package, i.e. her package, was being wrapped up in a way it never had experienced before. The ¾ inch ribbon was just right to put a tight wrap around the whole apparatus and still be flexible enough to separate the ball sac into tightly restricted segments. She fashioned an effective chastity device around the clit making is tighter and tighter as she wrapped it and it got more excited. The Mistress tied a large bow at the end which was my first indication of her great sense of humor.

At that moment as I was in a very excited state straining at the ribbons and inwardly begging for release, the maid opened the door to clean the room! A loud command from the Mistress and the latch on the door prevented the maid's entry and my exposure to a wider audience. Ms. Boss took this in stride and continued to tease me in my ribbon bondage. I believe she can handle any situation.

When the session was over, I immediately wanted another. The Mistress found time for me in her schedule two days later in the same room that my BDSM experience started.

My desire to have a session right after a session has never changed. I became hers our first session. I am hers forever. I am so grateful she accepted me as her submissive at DomConLA.

This could happen to you!

#1680156 - 05/09/17 06:35 AM Re: The First Time--At DomConLA [Re: janelle]
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That is a great review. I love the detail and can picture all that happened. You are a lucky sub! I'm glad you finally had the courage to see Ms Boss. And now as DomCon approaches again you can look forward to more fun ! I'm totally jealous. When I was debating about seeing her, I had good advice from another lady (Ms Dana Kane)that she would indeed probably not mind going back to her roots as a disciplinarian to see me as a spanko. I was a little intimidated though with not knowing what to expect and a little scared that she would start whipping me! And go way beyond my limits! Definitely not the case. As now I've been seeing her for over a year or so. I'll be waiting for updates janelle and I want details!!! I know you will be in your glory dressing and being able to see Ms Boss for sessions. Have fun my friend!

P.S. I'll put a good word in for you! Heehee..
Enjoy the warm-up! (I think it's up to about 2500,
piece of cake - bare ass!)

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#1680331 - 05/12/17 08:31 AM Re: The First Time--At DomConLA [Re: janelle]
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Thank you for taking the time to write this thoughtful and detailed synopsis of our time together that first scene a few years back. I am honored!
Though I no longer outfit a hotel dungeon suite during DomConLA - as I now have an actual dungeon in Orange California (where we now play), the memories are grand. Even the little unwanted surprises were amusing. wink

I am looking forward to all the fun we will be getting up to soon, at my new space and at the show. We connected because of DomCon, and I am so happy we did!

Ms Boss
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#1680332 - 05/12/17 08:32 AM Re: The First Time--At DomConLA [Re: spankage1]
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There is next year, dear. I shall have to put you on my menu. wink

See you tonight!

Ms Boss
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