Had the pleasure of sessioning with King Lexa recently. I'd like to say it was her beautiful pictures that interested me, http://kinglexa.com/ but it was actually her Twitter page, and some of the videos she frequently posts. They are casual videos, with her saying a few words on her way back from the gym, or driving somewhere in a car. But what those videos show is a woman with confidence and attitude, as well as intelligence, so I contacted her with the hope of connecting with her for a session.

I had a roleplay idea of submitting to a tough biker chick who gave me a choice. Her biker boyfriend was going to beat the living hell out of me for backing over his Harley and trying to leave the scene. Or, I could be her bitch and take whatever I had coming to me. Naturally, I chose the latter, even though I'm convinced now that King Lexa would not need a biker boyfriend to beat my sorry ass into submission.

I arrived at King Lexa's room, and she was dressed exactly as I hoped. Jeans, a boy-beater tank top, leather boots, and a bandanna on her head. She was intimidating from the start, and when she ordered me to strip and threw me over her lap and began beating my ass, I knew she was the real deal.

King Lexa is super creative and verbal, and I could tell she is completely into dominating men. She has an unbelievably athletic body, and she's much stronger than I expected. The session exceeded my expectations in every way. She's intuitive, extremely bright, and she's also a genuinely warm and decent person, so after the session ended, she's a pleasure to talk to. Definitely hope to session with her again some time.