Since the Fall of 2015, I've had the privilege of sessioning with Mistress Lila Stern. A native Bostonian, she now makes LA her home and has cultivated a coast-to-coast following via her extensive travel. There's so much to say about her: stop-the-sun gorgeous, fun, sadistic, etc. A session with her is very much a two-for-one deal: you get a terrific BDSM experience along with an incredibly cool lady.

Our session dynamic has run the full gamut from lighthearted and giggly to silent and solemn. For those of you inclined toward tease & denial scenarios, take note: she will use her sexiness to lead you down the path of desperation while simultaneously tormenting you. On multiple occasions, she has treated my nipples and nether regions to the full range of sensations (e.g. clamps, wax, electricity) while using her perfect feet and derriere to keep me in a borderline hypnotic state.

I gravitate toward corporal punishment scenes, and Mistress Lila enthusiastically indulges my proclivity. She won't hesitate to use a full range of implements (many quite severe) to make her point. You can imagine my head space when she prepares to deliver an intense volley of strokes and gently, but firmly, puts one of her hands across my mouth to muffle my screams. But she always tempers severity with compassion, and will take me in her arms to provide those nurturing moments of solace between screams.

What sticks out in my mind the most are the unique, "first-time" experiences I've encountered while at the feet of Mistress Lila: doing her laundry and dishes wearing nothing but my birthday suit and a kitchen apron, taking her birthday spankings wearing a frilly pair of black panties, crawling across the floor as she leads me with a nipple clamp leash, etc. As I reflect on these little vignettes, I eagerly look forward to exploring new possibilities and making new memories. Outside of the fetish and BDSM aspect, Mistress Lila places a premium on authentic D/s relationships and values respect & service whether in or out of a formal session.

While she is quite creative and capable of working with seasoned submissives, I do think she is especially well suited to welcome novices into the lifestyle. She is quite approachable, responds promptly to inquiries, and takes the time to ensure she develops a clear understanding of her slaves. While she enjoys some casual banter and humor, please remember the old adage, "don't mistake kindness for weakness." She carries herself with authority and will let it be known when you've not lived up to her expectations. (Leave the seat up and you'll find out what I mean!)

I'm grateful she's allowed me the opportunity to serve her. And I sincerely hope that continues for a *long* time to come.

Thank you, Mistress Lila... smile