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#1689746 - 10/02/17 04:34 AM Rookie Couple visit Mistress Ayn *****
TheDriver Offline

Registered: 10/02/17
Posts: 16
Been reading Max Fisch for many many years, but never had a reason to sign up or post.
That is until this weekend when I met Mistress Ayn. A little background before I give my story. My wife has indulged my fantasies with rentals from the local dungeons a couple of times a year for about ten years. Not exactly my wife's first choice for extra curricular fun, but from time to time she indulges me, and she does a fine job.

As I mentioned I read these forums and have repeatedly noticed the Atlanta Dungeon. Then I read reviews from couples who've been there...and I knew I have to give it a shot.
Knowing we were going to be in the Atlanta area, I contacted Mistress Ayn to find out if we could rent the dungeon. I had no idea what to expect in reply from this...well "famous" Mistress.
i quickly received a reply from Mistress Ayn stating she would love to provide her knowledge and coaching to my wife, and that she would avail the Atlanta Dungeon and all its equipment for us to use.
I let her know that my wife would be flying solo while using the dungeon, but a quick walk around to show my wife the gear and how it worked would be greatly appreciated. I explained my wife and I are rookies, but Mistress Ayn's responses couldn't have been kinder.

Mistress Ayn let me know that she would be available at any time should my wife need her assistance during our time in the dungeon....Not likely I knew, but Mistress Ayn said she would like to speak to my wife to see what my wife's experience was, and if she could make my wife feel more comfortable.

They spoke on the phone, and I begged to find out what they spoke about for the next two weeks. I was kept in the dark.

Two weeks later when we arrived at the Dungeon I was a nervous wreck. The door opened to let the two of us in, and I was greeted by Mistress Ayn. All I can say is "Wow". As I stared around the room, trying to take in all this equipment, I was also trying to keep my eye on this beautiful lady. Then Mistress Ayn and my wife greeted each other with a hug like comrades in arms. She says to my wife...Hello Mistress, then pointing at this the slave you're going to dominate today?

My wife says yes, he's been very bad.....can you show me around the place so I can give him what he deserves. Sure she says, but lets get him out of here while I show you around the place.
Mistress Ayn, dressed in leather from tip to toe says follow me slave, we're going to the "medical" room. Christ I'da followed her anywhere.

In the medical room Mistress Ayn says to my wife...."Mistress, if you'd like I'll show you how the stirrups work on the exam table and you can have your way with him".
I'm thinking..."sturrups....exam table" WTF on the application Mistress Ayn had me fill out she has about 20 choices of fetishes you may have tried and I only checked off about three of em.

I didn't want to remind her I was here for some spanking, and mayba a little bondage........
So I was sequestered in the medical room while this beautiful, famous, Mistress is showing my wife the ropes. It's like Babe Ruth showing a little kid how to hit.

There is so much equipment I realize they could be there all day. I hear them thru the door.........they're giggling........they're laughing, but i can't hear what about....yes I tried to put my ear on the door, and I even cupped my ear with my hand, but that didn't help.
Finally Mistress Ayn comes into the medical room and says, oh you're in for it now, and she leads me back into the main dungeon where she shows my wife an attache case filled with dildos....... she says to my wife, if you need me, you know where I'll be and she exits....
I'm told by MY Mistress wife to strip and put on the leather jock and collar while she gets her mistress outfit on in yet another room. Then my Mistress Wife comes back into the dungeon wearing her smoking hot Mistress outfit and she says to me...."are you ready to be my bitch"

Say what? OMG. Then she leads me to a swing of some type, fastens me into it, with my legs spread, and then starts gloving up like Dr Kildaire. Must have been a hell of conversation they had.

Then I'm blindfolded and led to a spanking horse of some type, and she begins swinging the big wood. Did I mention that the dungeon has more equipment than I've ever seen. My butt was on fire. Paddles of every size were being tested on my ass.
I'm thinking this is as good as it gets, when she moves me to a big cross and latches me onto it spread eagled.

She pulls out some sort of nipple clamps (new to me) and begins to put them on me. I'm a wuss so all this hurt like hell......she says don't be a baby and begins whipping my ass with unbelievable dexterity. Then while the whip is hitting it's mark, I feel the nipple clamps being reapplied, then it occurs to me she can't be in two places at one time.
Sweet Jesus, she pulls off the blindfold and I look back to see a vision that dreams are made of. Mistress Freakin Ayn herself is swinging the whip as my wife is appliying nipple clamps.

Then Mistress Ayn start swinging the whip in a way where it is going up thru my legs, and my wife is sort of cheering her on.

My mind is swirling, if I wasnt buckled to the cross I would have fallen over. I'm so nervous my ass starts shaking........Mistress Ayn decided my ass was twerking....much to their delight.

Then they decide that Mistress Ayn will critique my wife's swing of the paddle......No she says, "not bad Mistress, but let me show you how I like to do it for maximum markage". As she swings away.

This went on for some time while the two of them laughed at my twerking ass.
Mistress Ayn then picks up one of the dildos and says be sure to use this one on him, and let me know when you're done, so i can have sloppy seconds. I about died as Mistress Ayn once again exited, leaving my wife to do her bidding. I booked the room for two and half hours, but it seemed like two and a half minutes when my wife and I were getting dressed to leave.

Mistress Ayn returned as we were about to leave. She and my wife both had a grin from ear to ear. They were like old friends. The level of trust and comfort Mistress Ayn brought to my to wife was remarkable and not one which either my wife or I will soon forget. Can't thank her enough......
Sorry to be so long winded....never written anything like this before.
The Driver

#1689765 - 10/02/17 01:03 PM Re: Rookie Couple visit Mistress Ayn [Re: TheDriver]
Oliver Cromwell Offline

Registered: 10/28/99
Posts: 1846
Loc: Washington, DC
I am exceedingly jealous of you.
Oliver Cromwell

#1689876 - 10/03/17 06:04 PM Re: Rookie Couple visit Mistress Ayn [Re: TheDriver]
Mistress Ayn Offline

Registered: 03/31/11
Posts: 160
Loc: Atlanta, GA
Thanks for posting this review, driver. I love seeing couples play together and you are truly a lucky man. your petite, PTA President, paddle welding wife is a natural, whether she knows it or not. She was smoking hot in her Domme outfit and she swung that paddle like a pro.

I really appreciate her including me in some of your fun. I know she doesn't normally do that, but we cooked up a couple of MindFucks for you that she couldn't resist - and I am glad she didn't. you started shaking so hard on that cross when you realized we were double teaming you that you looked like an exotic dancer "twerking". She and I hooted at that. And the look on your face when I said I would take her sloppy seconds was priceless.

I hope to see you both next year when you return to Atlanta.
Making grown men cry . . . and loving every minute of it.

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#1692016 - 10/30/17 12:13 PM Re: Rookie Couple visit Mistress Ayn [Re: TheDriver]
Mistress Lynn Offline

Registered: 02/24/04
Posts: 1268
Loc: DC,VA and MD
How long did you have to wait to get approved on this site? I have a couple of friends who have been trying for months and haven't been able to.
Mistress Lynn


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