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#1692283 - 11/02/17 10:37 AM Ball busting in CT - the best
asubmaleinny Offline

Registered: 01/09/04
Posts: 24
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Here is the fetlife profile of Mistress Scarlett in this write-up

I had recently been paid so I had money to spend and I was desperately in need of serving a domme. I know, I should just do what it takes to please a dominant woman as her submissive boyfriend, but I'm just not sure if I'm "there" with my life quite yet. So, this leaves me as a guy who sees Pro Dommes.

I didn't just want any session, I wanted a ballbusting session, and I wanted it to be hardcore. I found an absolutely beautiful domme on Backpage, and we spoke on the phone and texted a bit before the session. Here are some of the things we said to each other.....

Me: but i'm actually hoping for serious agony from a "grab and squeeze HARD no let go" situation
Me: yes, definitely if you're down to make me cry from testicles pain
Me: but for real, this isn't for every domme. i'd appreciate your honesty on whether you're down for that level of intensity
Her: I'm looking forward to meeting you! Your gonna be in good hands. I will make you cry!

Then I was running some errands before heading out to the session and I missed her confirmation text. After half an hour, she booked someone else. Oh no! I told her it was getting late and maybe I'd be too tired but she suggested I see her anyway.

Her: What's the verdict hun.. I say you should just come on by.. Prove your dedication towards your mistress and I will own your balls and make them mine. As I look you in the eyes and establish my dominance rendering you helpless and futile. Come make you mistress a happy Lady! Surrender your self to me!

I decided to head and see her. She asked me to confirm when I was on my way.

Me: I'm hoping you make me cry and take terrible advantage of me as I'm going to be desperate for you to let go...
Her: Don't worry I got you... As I said your gonna be in the best.hands!.

So when I get there, she comes to the door and lets me in and she is every bit as gorgeous as she looked in the photos. She had an authentic confidence about her but she wasn't being the "Domme" at this point. She had me sit with her at a table in her kitchen and she took a notepad out and discussed my experience, limits, interests, etc. She was definitely thorough and asked lots of probing questions. We were just about done and she told me what the safeword was, and then she turned up the Domme dial a little bit.

"There will be no safeword for when I'm hurting your balls. I'm an experience domme, and I will not send you to the hospital, but I will not let go unless I decide to let go. You asked for me to hurt your balls, and I will..."

We went upstairs, and she instructed me to strip. She sidled up to me and whispered seductively into my ear and I melted. She started using a rope to tie around me to make a sort of harness. The harness was quite effective and I was easily led in whichever direction she pulled me.

She then tied up my cock and balls. I actually prefer not to have my cock and balls tied up, and I prefer ballbusting without that, but this was not my call. Nothing really was my call anymore...

She is petite but she can squeeze VERY hard. I was literally and genuinely begging her to stop. She didn't relent for a while but when she did, she positioned me to stand up with my legs spread and she asked "Did you know that I'm a black belt?" I answered honestly that I did not. Truth be told, I didn't believe her. Even though she squeezed very hard, she just seemed small and feminine and weak. WAM WAM WAM! She expertly kneed me very hard right in the taint three times in a row. She brushed the balls with her thigh, but these were taint bruising mega hard knees. These were not the knees that a small woman of her frame would know how to do unless she had serious training. I realized that my balls were tied up and pretty taught. I was afraid. If she kneed my tied up balls as hard as she kneed my taint, I would have been down for the count and I feared that my sack would split open. Yes, ballbusting is hot to fantasize about. But there comes a point where as a man you are genuinely afraid of what might happen to your balls and man... it is intense.

I begged, pathetically, not to have her knee me in the balls. I remember saying and actually meaning "if you kneed me in the balls like that, I would die..."

Thus began the phase of my begging leading to her making me horribly cruel offers. Talk about careful what you wish for...

"Do you want me to squeeze your balls again, or do you want me to knee you in the balls?"

I stammered.

Her eyes widened and she pulled her knee back readying herself and I blurted out "Please! Please! Please!"

"Please what?!"

"Please squeeze my balls, Mistress! Please!"

I've genuinely suppressed the memory of what this ball squeezing which seemed to last forever was like. I know that I was in absolute agony. I know that sometimes it was hard to breath. I know that I really really really regretted asking for what I asked for. I know that I was saying "Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Please, Please, Please!" and that I couldn't really speak whole sentences...

I was sweating and I was high pitched, low pitched, oooffy, and ahhh-y in my voice. I didn't have tears running down my cheeks, but I was clearly a broken man.

"We have 5 minutes left. Do you want me to stop and allow you to pleasure yourself?"

"Yes, please, anything, please!"

"You're going to eat your own cum..."

"No, Mistress, please, I can't do that..."

"So you want me to squeeze and beat your testicles for the next 5 minutes and make you really cry?!"

"No, Mistress, please, please!" (i was like a desperate, pathetic high pitched shouting idiot)

"Then what do you want to do instead?"

"Eat my own cum, Mistress"

"Good boy..."

My dick hurt, my balls hurt, and I was doing my best to finish. She decided to show her seductive, feminine power and whispered in my ear, and sat on my face with the yoga pants I requested she wear for the session. Her perfect ass, legs, and scent led me to cum all over my stomach almost right away.


She scooped up a big white pile of cum, more than I remember cumming in years, and shoved her hand in my mouth and dumped my cum down my throat. It was disgusting and I choked on it, and swallowed involuntarily, getting some up my nose and down the wrong pipe...

I had gotten what I asked for. I was genuinely traumatized. I was worried about my cock and balls, and embareassed that I had cum breath and disgusted by the lingering aftertaste. She assured me that my cock and balls would be fine, and that I'd be thanking her later.

"You didn't want me to stop, did you?"

I honestly didn't know. I had really wanted to experience this type of dominance, but it was sheer agony and humiliation and I was desperate for it to stop.

"No, Mistress, thank you."

#1692543 - 11/05/17 04:40 PM Re: Ball busting in CT - the best [Re: asubmaleinny]
ctservant Offline

Registered: 07/30/06
Posts: 187
Mistress Scarlett is great,

New Britain is known as " hard hittin New Britain in the sports world " I think Mistress Scarlett is who they are referring to. George Springer of New Britain may bethe world series MVP but, Mistress Scarlett is the dominatrix MVP.
She swings just as hard as Springer does and looks a hell of a lot sexier doing it.

#1692562 - 11/05/17 10:07 PM Re: Ball busting in CT - the best [Re: ctservant]
asubmaleinny Offline

Registered: 01/09/04
Posts: 24
20 years sessioning in NYC she is by far the best. With all due respect to Cybill Troy, Mmde Sade, Mistress Taylor of Elizabeth's et al.

Edited by asubmaleinny (11/05/17 10:14 PM)


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