This is a review of my most recent session with Goddess Samantha, which took place at The Atlanta Dungeon.

Recently, thinking of my Goddess’ birthday, I went through her wish list on, and chose the first thing on the list which was within my budget. It ended up being a gift for me, for it was the Cat Woman outfit she used during the session!

In the past, we had done a few role plays with the dominant Cat Woman totally controlling her Batman slave, and the most recent role play session of this theme established the marriage of the two. Batman had been away on his travels, but when he arrived home at The Atlanta Dungeon, his Goddess Cat Woman wife was dressed like a fatal feline!
I don’t remember ever seeing my Goddess in a black full body cat suit, and she looked amazing! Some photos can be verified at the following links:


Cat Woman got straight to work, ordering her Bat slave to strip down. Within seconds, he already started to enter his sub-space, as Cat Woman used her clawed gloves to scratch up his back, mixed with her teasing purrs and voice commands. She was determined to leave her marks on her slave, so she restrained his ankles and wrists to her cross to show her prowess with her cat whip! Ouch! She really knows how to leave her marks, and made the experience so much more exhilarating by mixing in her soft touches, and teasing with her divine lips from behind, as she breathed down his neck.
I guess I must point out that I have a wild fetish for my Goddess’ lips, more so than any of her other amazing assets, and she knows how to explore this fetish with her frequent teasing.
Anyway, here are a few links to show off how well she marked her Bat slave:


Having engraved her marks on his back, Cat Woman wanted to engrave her dominance inside of him by means of her strap-on action. Once she gets inside her slave, she remains there in his psych permanently! I will not even try to explain the exhilaration of being penetrated by my Goddess! You just need to contact her at the email below and mark your own session to experience it for yourself! I will try and transmit how much of a whirlwind of arousals are involved. As my legs and arms were restrained on her swing, I already started quivering in sub-space and anticipation as the Cat Woman Goddess prepared herself to give me a sound fucking! She knows how to use the whole dungeon to intensify the expectation, especially with the sound of her boots walking across the dungeon floor. Once she makes her penetration, a whole new onslaught of arousals flood my mind all at once! The thrill of her thrusting into me! The marvel of her beauty, which actually intensifies when she is inside of me! The desire to touch her divine cheeks and hair, but being unable to do so because of the restraints! And yes! The intense desire to kiss her perfect lips!

Cat Woman never lets my lip fetish fizzle out! She put a leather mask on her Bat slave, then ordered him to lay down face up on her dungeon bed. Though she taped a paper over the mouth opening on the mask, I was still able to see her mesmerizing beauty through the eye holes on the mask. Though I can not describe all that transpired in this phase of the session, it will be forever engraved in my memory the moment she bent over to kiss the paper she had taped over the mouth opening! I saw her lovely face and golden hair as she descended to plant in the teaseful kiss! She knows I will play it back many times in the future, but in my playback, the mask will not be on! Verify some of the photos:


Goddess Samantha’s lips are not my only fetish. I also love to kiss her divine feet immediately after removing her leather boots! Her toe nails were painted bright red, and I loved kissing on them and also massaging her incredible feet.

My Goddess is amazing. I am usually very shy about my fantasies, fetishes, and desires, but can share freely with my Goddess without embarrassment. She finds a way to make your dreams come true. A simple review such as this one can never fully explain the ecstasy. You must experience it yourself!

Why don’t you give it a shot? If you have been intrigued at the thought of being utterly dominated by a strong, beautiful sexy woman, Goddess Samantha is the answer for you! Yes, she is very strong and muscular, yet also so incredibly soft and feminine at the same time! Get the ball rolling by sending her an email at You will not regret it!

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