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#844752 - 09/29/06 07:24 AM Ultimate Denial -- Ms. Ella Strictland -- Houston *****
danhou Offline

Registered: 09/09/06
Posts: 5
Loc: Houston, TX
The EXCEPTIONAL Mistress Ella Strictland in Houston, TX -- I'm just not sure where to start. I know a lot of people here have expressed an interest in milking -- well, this review is for you.

The entire session was just mind-blowing. That's not an adjective I would use to describe the vast majority of about a dozen previous sessions. However, Ms. Ella just taps into the information you provide Her and runs with it.

Despite this, the rest of the session seems a bit of blur compared to the milking.

First things first, Ms. Ella is captivating. It's immediately clear that She knows exactly what She is doing in all facets, and exudes confidence. For me, that's a big thing. I think I'm experienced enough to know what works for me and what doesn't. And when I kind of stutter when trying to talk in session, that's a sign in the Mistress is a powerful presence. I don't stutter. I stuttered with Ms. Ella. A lot.

I mentioned before the session that I was interested in cumming but not orgasming (or not much, anyway.) Mistress just stared at me for a second, then smiled and said, "OK." She later taunted me about just draining my prostate. Little did I know what that really entailed.

At first I thought it best to explain this chronologically, but that's kind of boring. Nobody short of Hemingway can pen prose so interesting that people in the Internet-age will read paragraph after paragraph. So, here are some key points to consider:

Understand two things upfront: this technique takes immense patience and skill from the Mistress. Accordingly, I think the Mistress has to genuinely enjoy doing this. Either Ms. Ella should be up for an Academy Award, or She just loves doing this.

Also, I'm really uncomfortable at first with any new Mistress. The "get to know you" just typically takes multiple sessions for me. Remarkably, I did not leave with that feeling. The points below will probably explain why.

So here goes, for you considering milking (either as sub or Dom.)

1 -- Make sure you're VERY cleaned out for this. Mistress will appreciate it, as will the sub for not feeling like an ass if you make a mess. I was hugely relieved that this ended well.

2 -- This procedure takes tremendous time and patience from the Mistress. I cannot emphasize that enough.

3 -- It's probably best to be completely tied down. I really thought being completely immobilized was overkill at first, but eventually realized that I needed the rope to yank against. And every fiber in my being wanted to get up and make it stop at some point. No safewording like this though!

4 -- There is no orgasm. None. Zilch. Nada.

5 -- At first, you don't feel a lot happening. Then She hits the prostate, and you start to feel a burn in your willy. That's a sign that there's about to be something. But not much.

6 -- After a while, your cum literally drips out of your lonely willy. It's bizarre, and a bit maddening. Especially, as Mistress says, "Look in the mirror! See it just falling out! haha!"

7 -- It takes a lot of effort from your Mistress to get all of your cum out. After what seems like hours (but may have been 15 minutes? I really have no idea), you just want it to come out and be over with.

Seriously, it's the first time in a session where I truly felt helpless. I felt like there was simply nothing I could do until the Mistress was completely satisfied with her work. Even through quite a few previous sessions, I never felt that sense of true helplessness. Perhaps that's the essence of subspace? I dunno -- no point overthinking it.

8 -- You may end up like me, simply begging and pleading for real release, which in my case was NOT going to happen. And I mean legit pleading. At no point did my Mistress EVER even touch my cock. Somehow that makes my memories even better.

9 -- It's especially maddening and wonderful if your Mistress taunts you about how She's getting it ALL out and there won't be any left.

10 -- I have no idea how She did it, but She knew how to get every last bit. Is it visual?? Is it by feel??

11 -- Toward the end, you want to release so badly, it feels like your body is dry heaving, trying to have some sort of orgasm. Seriously, it felt like dry heaving. TORTURE. This is the most remarkable point, in session. I actually think I may have been dry-heaving, as the gag needed to come out. Either that or I'm more of a drama queen than I ever thought.

12 -- There are times when you want nothing more than some sort of caress or touch on your cock. Like that will make it all better. Instead, it just dangles uselessly, slowing dribbling.

13 -- By the end, I was completely worn out, completely "empty," and extremely horny.

This was TRUE ORGASM DENIAL. After going through the entire session (and the build up before, of course), you just leave without a real release. And the real kick in the pants is that depending on your recovery time, you may not be able to get off for some time either. Could be hours or days (in my case, quite a few hours.) She really, REALLY drained me good.

All in all, I cannot think of enough great things to say about Ms. Ella. This was truly a memorable and special session (am I getting sappy??) I eagerly await the opportunity to serve Her again.

Wow, this post is like a metaphor for O/our session. I'm all typed out.

#844753 - 09/29/06 06:05 PM Re: Ultimate Denial -- Ms. Ella Strictland -- Houston [Re: danhou]
backside Offline

Registered: 12/18/99
Posts: 34
i love that! The psychology behind this is so fascinating and i've hoped to have something like this happen to me forever. Perhaps some day it will.

#844754 - 09/29/06 07:02 PM Re: Ultimate Denial -- Ms. Ella Strictland -- Houston [Re: danhou]
ned e Offline

Registered: 11/20/03
Posts: 6373
Loc: New York
Great post. Thanks a lot!

#844755 - 09/30/06 09:43 PM Re: Ultimate Denial -- Ms. Ella Strictland -- Houston [Re: danhou]
enimu Offline

Registered: 09/18/06
Posts: 6
Great story. Love the frustration of not being able to orgasm, seeing yourself drip in the mirror (nice touch) and picturing her tease you about draining your prostate.
Anyone know of a Mistress in Los Angeles, San Diego area who can do this?

#844756 - 09/30/06 09:56 PM Re: Ultimate Denial -- Ms. Ella Strictland -- Houston [Re: enimu]
strictella Offline

Registered: 01/16/06
Posts: 112
Loc: Houston, TX USA
Yes enimu, I have found that when the boy can actually see the drainage happening it will keep his wide-eyed attention.
Mistress Ella Strictland

#844757 - 09/30/06 09:58 PM Re: Ultimate Denial -- Ms. Ella Strictland -- Houston [Re: danhou]
strictella Offline

Registered: 01/16/06
Posts: 112
Loc: Houston, TX USA
Thank you for this insiteful posting danhou. I am particularly interested in what is happening with a boy’s psyche while being milked, and you have articulated it well. I will add that from the control aspect it really is intoxicating for the Mistress. This procedure does require My total focus while the boy is invariably expressing the primal desire to want out and beg for an orgasm, but at the same time, in awe and helpless to do anything but watch his cum drain away.

When you asked about release without orgasm, you said first, “i think I am going to regret asking for this but….. “ I knew you didn’t REALLY know what you were asking for, and that was irresistible. Then to hear your wonderful begging while I drained you was wonderful encouragement.
Mistress Ella Strictland

#844758 - 09/30/06 10:11 PM Re: Ultimate Denial -- Ms. Ella Strictland -- Houston [Re: danhou]
fudgeboy Offline

Registered: 10/28/99
Posts: 6241
Loc: US
dan, that's some nasty trick of a session

Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Too bad for me She isn't into full toilet.

.............there's no high like the Most High!

#844759 - 09/30/06 10:15 PM Re: Ultimate Denial -- Ms. Ella Strictland -- Houston [Re: strictella]
danhou Offline

Registered: 09/09/06
Posts: 5
Loc: Houston, TX
Yes, on the one hand, it's really kind of interesting to see the process work. But it's also just SO frustrating to see it leaking out, and not feeling a single thing from it! Well, other than feeling like you're being exceptionally violated.

#844760 - 09/30/06 10:17 PM Re: Ultimate Denial -- Ms. Ella Strictland -- Houston [Re: strictella]
enimu Offline

Registered: 09/18/06
Posts: 6
He was a very lucky slave to experience such a session. I enjoy a Mistress laughing at my expense and this type of session totally hits the mark. Never having experienced such a session, you feel like it is impossible to not feel great having your semen come from your penis, which is why this is so appealing. You are in a sense being seduced, but ultimately humbled at the end. Please come to LA!!!

#844761 - 09/30/06 11:54 PM Re: Ultimate Denial -- Ms. Ella Strictland -- Houston [Re: strictella]
Slave_Mike Offline

Registered: 01/05/01
Posts: 3934
Loc: NYC
Do you ever maske your slaves consume their own cum at the end of the session? To me that would be the perfect ending for this type of session (something I would like to try one day).
"Humor is the instinct for taking pain playfully."
-Max Eastman

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