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#1709919 - 08/24/18 03:08 AM The Creative Tortures of God King Lexa
AspX Offline

Registered: 07/08/10
Posts: 1107
Loc: Detroit
Iíve seen the reviews, lusted over the pictures and heard the talk about how great King Lexa is so when I saw that she was coming to Detroit, I jumped at the chance to experience her for myself. I was definitely not disappointed. As part of setting up the session, I sent her my list of fetish activities and how I felt about them so I think that got her creative juices flowing (and the level of her creativity is ridiculous because she truly seems to love everything about fetish and being a Pro Domme).

One of things on my list is piss control (since being forced to hold that really gets your every nerve ending firing and makes everything else that is going on that much more intense during play), so about an hour before our session I get a text ordering me to drink a gallon of water before we meet. I tell her that I actually had enough bottled water in my fridge so I could do that as I drove and she orders me to text her pictures of the empty bottles as I finish them along the way. By the time I get downtown, which is where she was staying, my eyeballs were floating and she mercilessly took advantage of that all throughout our two hour session by randomly pressing on my stomach while other activities were going on.

I arrived at the room carrying a backpack with the emptied water bottles, postal shrink wrap (she had asked if I could pick up some plastic wrap since she was out) and some general supplies that I know Dommes tend to run out of when they are traveling. She was curious as to what I had brought and had me empty the contents of the backpack onto one of the beds before having me strip naked. She was pleased with me for having followed her instructions and didnít need anything from my kit other than what she asked for (and to her credit didnít take, or use, anything other than the plastic), but I actually hadnít realized that I didnít remove my sleep sack from the backpack after bringing it to a session with someone else a couple of weeks before and she definitely kept that in mind for later.

She ordered me to my knees on the floor in front of the other bed and used some rope to tie my hands together in front of me. She then sat down at the edge, and ordered me to worship her boots before having me remove the left one as well as the wet look stocking she was wearing. This is when her incredible verbal skills kicked in as she ordered me to kiss and worship her foot, talking about how stinky it must be because of how she had been working out earlier and wearing the stocking and boot for a while.

I began kissing, licking and sucking on the soles of her feet (which were very soft and definitely smelly from all she had done), then moved to her toes as she was talking and telling me exactly how she liked her feet to be worshipped. Tongue sliding between her toes before sucking each oneÖ biting the edge of her foot a little harder before letting up on the pressure and scraping with my teethÖ instructing and training me to worship her foot EXACTLY how she liked it to be done. All the while, speaking about different things and situations that she would put me in as her foot worshipping beta bitch. In all honesty, I am not really into being denigrated like that in general but it is amazing how hot something can be when the Domme you are serving is really good at it and that is definitely the case with the way King Lexa blends fantasy situations with instructions as you serve.

From our pre-session communication, King Lexa also knew how I felt about tattoos and being allowed to worship them so she moved me slowly up her incredibly tight body to the different places she had ink. Ordering me to kiss them and then to slowly lick and outline each one with my tongue. This was incredibly exciting to me and she definitely used my fetishes to her advantage. Even if the thought of worshipping a tattoo does nothing for you, you should take note of her client adaptability within a session because that is truly the mark of the great Pro Dommes.

After worshipping her tattoos all the way up her torso, she began teasing and taunting me with up-close play. Pressing her incredible body to mine and bringing her lips so close that if I just leaned a little closer I could kiss them, all while continuing to describe how she was going to keep and use me during her entire visit. She then ran her fingers over my head and tilted it back to drip her spit into my mouth (which I greedily accepted as I knew this was actually as close to a kiss as I was going to get) before ordering me to work my way back down her body.

I did this until she put me back on the ground to start massaging her foot and then her incredibly well-muscled legs. Intermixing instructions on how she wanted me to press as hard as I could or move up to her calves and quads with more verbal role play telling me exactly what she had in store for me next. Asking whether I had cleaned myself before the session so that she could fuck me missionary style, like I was her wife and having me describe how I had prepared my body for her.

She then had me put her leggings and boots back on and had me climb onto the bed with my hands over my head. She grabbed a glove and some lube while ordering me to put my legs in the air talking about how she was going to fist me before fucking me with her BBC. She proceeded to insert a finger into my ass, talking about how tight I was and how she would have to loosen me up, then started to play with my prostate to torture me with both orgasm and piss control. After she had worked on me that way for a bit, torturing me with the pressure of not pissing all over myself and the bed while also bringing me close to orgasm and then backing away, she pulled out her finger and grabbed one of the dildoes to put in her harness.

She then proceeded to fuck me, sometimes slow and sometimes extremely hard and fast. All the while talking about how I was her bitch, how she was going to turn me into her cuck bringing both men and women into the bed with us to pleasure her while I was tied up and forced to watch them getting to pleasure her while all I could do was take her cock in my pussy every once in a while. Again, even during this she was setting the stage for the next act as she talked about how badly she needed to piss and how she was eventually going to allow me to relieve myself but not until after she had done so.

The fucking went on and on as she incorporated a hitachi magic wand into the mix pressing it against my cock to make me want to cum then against my stomach to make me want to piss and then to my balls to make me want to do both at the same time. All the while, the verbal taunting and/or fantasies continued to flow from King Lexa until the point where I was begging her to fuck and pleasure me with her cock like I was an actress in a porno.

Finally, her own need to piss overwhelmed the amount of pleasure she was having with our play and she pulled out. She untied my hands, laid down some doggy training pads on the carpet at the foot of the bed and had me lay on my back before squatting over me and showering my entire body with her piss. Now taunting me with the fact that she was able to relieve herself but I still couldnít and how good it felt while also mixing in statements about how I was her piss slut. Once she was finished, I was a soaking mess (as were the pads) and she had me get up and go into the bathroom.

She then finally allowed me to relieve myself into the toilet, except I couldnít just pissÖ she had to have control over that as well, forcing me to start and stop on her command until she decided I was done (which wasnít actually when I had emptied myself fully). I was then ordered into the shower to clean myself off then after drying myself I came back out into the room and was told to climb onto the other bed where she had laid out my sleep sack.

I climbed into it and she zipped me up so I was fully bound, then used the three-way zipper to open my crotch so she could have access to my cock to tease and torture with the Hitachi again. She then climbed on the bed and alternatively sat on my chest and face until I was just a complete puddle of fleshy subspace with only my cock twitching against the Hitachi under her orders not to cum without permission. Finally, she decided I had taken all I could and our time then ended with her releasing me from the sleepsack, ordering me to get dressed and pack my things. This, for all of the tortures she inflicted upon me, was probably the worst of them all.
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#1709994 - 08/24/18 10:56 PM Re: The Creative Tortures of God King Lexa [Re: AspX]
nysubjack Offline

Registered: 05/17/11
Posts: 781
Sounds like an amazing session, thanks for sharing such a well written and enjoyable review!
"I was born for this and love who and what I am".


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