I never know what to expect when I see Tissa for a session but she NEVER disappoints.When I entered her Temenos I went to my area to await her instructions.I was told to come to a table that had a gambling wheel of chance. There words written on the different sections that were separated by the stop spindles.On closer inspection these words described the prizes one would win by spinning the wheel.The prizes were varied but some of the awards included some interesting activities.Whisper sweet nothings, nasty nipple torment,flogging,kiss boots,sensual nipple torment,lose 3 dollars,win 1 dollar,win 2 dollars and a few others.The object of the game was simple, win $20.00 on Mistress game show and be permitted to give her an "offering".The wheel was real and included the spindles and clicker and playing the game was great.Mistress Tissa always has interesting sessions and I am thrilled to be a part of her Phila stable.If your in the area I highly recommend a session.