I don't like posting details of my sessions online and I am not about too. I just had such a fantastic session with Irene Boss that I wanted to post and write..........that I had a fantastic session with Irene Boss.

I sessioned with her in a city that was not her own, yet her "dungeon" was amazing. A few days before that place was not a dungeon and it would be a place where another prodomme would have been very, very happy with the setup.

I had to admire her organization skill at pulling off something like that. She knows what she is doing, she loves it, she is smart and she has the experience. Very powerful combination.

I also thought I was done being introduced to major new things that I like, but she really "pulled a rabbit out of a hat" there too.

Okay, I wrote that I wasn't going to post a review so I am going to stop here.

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