So during the early part of Novemeber, I took a trip to Atlanta. While in Atlanta, I had arranged to have an over night session with Mistress Ayn. The last time I was in Atanta, I had the pleasure of meeting with and having two sessions with Mistress Ayn. I though then, as I do now, that She is everything one could want in a Domme. So when I learned I was returning to Atlanta, I called and arranged the overnight session.

But I was hoping for more than just 12 hours in the dungeon with Her – although 12 hours in the dungeon with Her would be heavenly! I was hoping to do a bit of a kidnapping/mind control/sensory depravation/multiple Domme scene. I spoke with Mistress Ayn, and sent Her a draft of my ideas for Her to look and see if that would be something She’d be willing to do. She took a couple of days and when I spoke to Her again, She said that She had read it and that it should be fun. Over the 2 weeks before I arrived in Atlanta, Mistress Ayn, worked up a “game plan” and then let me know that all was a go.

When I arrived in Atlanta and the night started, She had me lock my mself into a Curve which is a chasity device , and then began running me around the town. At the first place I was at I had to sit until She called and gave me directions on where to go next. When I got to the next place, She was there, (looking stunning I must say), and it was there She gave me a bag with everything I’d need. I will not tell everything in the bag, but wow. We sat and discussed how the night would go – which was basically She’d tell me what to do and I’d do it – and then She sent me into the bathroom with the bag and told me to open the first envolpe and put on what was there. When i got into the bathroom, the envolpe contained a pair of panties. Putting them on the stall, thinking about how I was doing what She wanted me to do did cause me to fill the curve …

When I retunred to the table She was gone. I sat for a few minutes and then my phone rang. It was Mistress Ayn, with instructions. She had sent me a play list that I have loaded onto my phone, before arriving in Atlanta; She told me to put on the headphones, turn it up loud enough so drown out any noise then to go out front and get in the back seat of the car in front. I was then to put on the sunglasses from the bag (which had been painted over effectively blinding me) buckle myself in and wait. I was not to speak while in the car.

I went out and climded into the car and turned on the playlist and put on the sunglasses and waited. Listening to the playlist, I heard Mistress Ayn’s voice intermixed with the music telling me to relax and serve..after a few minutes I felt the door open and the car start and we drove away. Between the glassed and and music – I am not sure how long we drove for but at some point we stopped. I felt the car door open and then slam. I sat in the car, awaiting further instructions – again noto sure how long, but then Mistress Ayn called and told me to exit the car and to follow the path around the back of the house. Walking up to a dark house, who knows where is a very eerie feeling, very exciting.

When I knocked on the door in the back, I was met by a very pretty Lady – who I have never met before. She was wearing only bra, panties, stockings and heels. She never introduced Herself, just told me that She had been instructed by Mistress Ayn to “prepare me”. I was told to go into the bathroom and to remove all but what Mistress Ayn told me to wear. I was told to put on the armband to hold the phone so I could continue to listen to the music. I returned wearing the curve, panties and headphones. I was sat on the floor and had a blindfold, and then stockings pulled over my head.

The next hour is still a mix of sensations, feelings and desires that I am not sure I have completely untangled even now. Mistress Ayn and I spoke about the time frame afterward, and she tells me that despite my feeling that it was about an hour – it was closer to 2 hours and 45 minutes. I believe that there were 3 Women present – but I do not know who those three would be. The Lady who I met when I came in is Miss Caroline, who by the way is every bit as pretty as Her pictures, and She was very nice indeed.

When they were finished with me I was left laying down to recover and then the phone rang – I was told to get up and dress and when I was dressed I was to go back to the driveway and get in the car as before. Interestingly the car was not the same car. Again I have no idea how long we drove, but eventually the car stopped and Mistress Ayn called and told me to exit the car and not look back. Once out of the car, I hear the car drive off. She told me that I was to go into the club (tattletails) and ask for a dancer by name.

When I got into the club and the dance r came by, She was very nice and seemed to enjoy the fact that the curve was on me. It was at this point I was aware that I had not seen Mistress Ayn in some time and all of a sudden there she was. Like magic.

There was more to the evening, but what strikes me sitting here and thing about it, is the obvious attention to detail and not only how She incorporated what I wanted in the session but how She kept it different enough to be not what I expect.

As I have said before, She is everything one wants in a Domme, smart, sexy creative and fun..i Highly recommend Her to anyone who wishes a session that will leave them reliving it again and again