I had the great fortune to session recently with Madame Ingrid at Irene Boss’s Compound in Pittsburgh, PA. Madame Ingrid was in her role as Svetlana Minx, cruel Russian Domina. With her black hair, opaque flesh colored latex top and bottom and sexy Russian accent, she set his subbie’s mind racing and blood flowing. First order of business was to get onto the rack with Svetlana sitting on my legs and working my nips with her strong fingers. After a few minutes of that, she decided that a little more pain was needed so clothes pins were attached to all my sensitive spots. Satisfied that I was now in the proper state of mind, my legs were tied to the end of the rack, leather restraints were added to my wrists and attached to the business end of the rack. Quickly the clacking of the ratchet told me I was being stretched. With a good stretch in hand, a Wartenberg wheel was applied to all the sensitive spots with the pins already in place, adding to my torment. But unbeknownst to me, the stretch wasn’t good enough for Svetlana, so the clacking commenced again and I was even tighter in its grip. More Wartenberg and more clacking of the rack followed in short order until she was satisfied that she had properly introduced me to her cruelty.

Untied and unrestrained, it was time to get on the Berkley Horse for a good dose of whipping. Irene’s Berkley Horse is a marvelous piece of equipment, comfortable and puts you in a perfect position for a whipping or caning. Svetlana would only use it for whipping this day (see below). After a short warm-up with a couple of paddles it was straight to the whipping. Once my ass was suitably striped, Svetlana decided it was time to play one of her favorite games, whip the clothes pins off the subbie. Pins were applied and pins were whipped off with amazing accuracy. It must have been a lot of fun this day because the pins came on and off several more times, mostly with one of Svetlana’s own whips and then with one of Irene’s whips. Irene’s whip was another marvel at The Compound. It made the most satisfying (terrifying) crack every time it was thrown, but actually hit lighter than Svetlana’s. Both Svetlana and I were impressed. Connoisseurs of whips will surely enjoy (?) having it used of them.

Svetlana was anxious to get to the next part of the session, Irene’s corporal box. It’s a unique piece of gear to my knowledge, where you’re standing but bent over the padded top, ass taut and at just the right level. Restraints could be added but weren’t this day. Commence a serious caning. When I had reached my limit I asked for a break. Still bent over the box I could sense that she stepped away but couldn’t see what she was doing. Shortly I heard the strong rhythmic beat of Devo coming from her music player. I knew Devo was her favorite group but little did I suspect what would ensue. I’ve been a pretty heavy corporal player in the past but my ability to go there has diminished substantially in recent years. Well, Svetlana’s obvious enjoyment of the music and use of her canes on me led my ass to take a trip 5 or 10 years into the past. Numerous canes were used, a least a hundred strokes given and taken, and my ass took a big trip down memory lane. A visual review that evening confirmed what my ass told me at the time. Svetlana was impressed with what I took, which pleased me greatly. If any of you serious corporal punishment fans are lucky enough to see Madame Ingrid, ask her to have some Devo ready on her play list.

Satisfied with her and my effort, it was back to the rack, this time without any bondage, just Svetlana and her strap-on standing between my wide spread legs. Knowing my keen interest in nipple torture, but in one of the great mind fucks, she handed me a pair of metal forceps and told me to apply one to each nipple. What then commenced was a steady stream of verbal expressions of how much she was enjoying her strap-on, with stern direction to torture my own nipples harder. Of course I followed her commands with enthusiasm, as my nips could aaffirm the next day. Her strap-on and words were magic in their effectiveness.
Madame Ingrid doesn’t have a web site these days, but you can see what she looks like both as Madame Ingrid and Svetlana Minx on her Niteflirt pages. Click on the individual listings for more images of each persona.