My last session with Ms Boss was a really cool and new experience. I had mentioned that I wanted to try something different that I haven't done. I was very confident in her.
As I arrived at the famous Compound, and called Ms Boss, she said hello young lady and she would be down to let me in. When she addresses me as young lady ,she gets my anxiety rolling. Then when you hear her steadily walking with her heels striking each step as she gets closer and closer to the door, it's quite exhilarating. She opens the door and welcomes me in, looking as fit and good as ever. We chat a little and she asks if I'm claustrophobic, which I am. And a lot for that matter. She explains that we are going to try the vacuum bed. I remember her posting a pic of it earlier thinking to myself , "So who is that going to be for?" I figured there was someone before me because there was nooo way I was going to be able to do that. I tell her I'm not really sure about it. Ms.Boss assures me that she thinks I can. And so, we proceed. I trust Ms Boss very much and I think we can communicate pretty well now. She, as always, explains everything she does so perfect and makes things very comfortable. She also seems to be getting to know me and my limits quite well, a very important skill of hers. Everyone is so different and she can tailor each scene so personal. I love that. Ms Boss tells me that she would be very happy if I could do the vac bed. So I wanted to make sure I did. The hardest part of it was actually getting in and out of it. I finally got in and she turned it on. Of course, sounding just like a vacuum. I had some anxiety about it seeing how it would cover my face with a small opening to breathe. But, what helps is that you can see thru it a little bit so its not completely dark. It slowly sucks you in and fits to your body. Ms Boss sensually contours all the curves and parts of your body from head to chest to stomach and hips and legs. It feels sooo good and secure the way she does it while talking to you . Her voice is soothing and pretty sexy. It is like relaxing therapy, especially for someone like me whose body hurts everywhere. The bed can be so arousing too , feels sooo good and becomes more sensual when she applies a vibrator, but you are teased by it being so snuggly sucked into it. But, that's what she does so naturally and so good at teasing and playing , and making you feel good, yet helpless, at the same time and unable to do anything about it. I laid there for awhile taking in everything and for the most part kept myself pretty relaxed. It was very cool and to see pics of it was really cool. I'm glad I didn't chicken out. It was a way different bondage than I was used to doing and something I never imagined I would do.
We then spent the next part of the session with some spanking, paddling, and a little caning. I was allowed to choose 5 implements. I picked 4 for some reason and forgot the 5th. Ms Boss chose the last one of course being a cane. I am such a bad picker, as I seem to pick stingy ones. And I hate stingy smile We did most of this over her lap, which I like and tied to the bed. I tend to be a little squirmy. We also did it with bare butt. Dam it really stung this time. Even the hand spanking warmup. But I still love it!! I have been wearing spandex during the last few sessions, but not this time. I guess I was getting used to that smooth feeling sheltering my butt. Well, we weren't done yet
After a nice stingy round of whacks that left a bright red and a little welted butt, Ms Boss wanted to add more to the sting with some of her expert whipping. Another favorite of mine smirk She happily whipped my butt a little, but mostly made a nice design on my back. It was so evenly aligned. She's so good at it. I took as much as I could at the time before she ended it knowing I was having enough.
That finished up another great scene. It was great trying the vac bed.
In the end, I really liked it. At the start, it was a little intimidating and a tad scary for someone like me who is very claustrophobic. But, I felt it to be important to get over it, and go beyond a limit of mine. Thanks to Ms Boss! It was a great new experience in BDSM! I can't wait for more!