My world got rocked this weekend at the Complex in Orange. No, not by the earthquakes in Southern California, but by Mistress Irene Boss. She took me to places I had never been before despite years of BDSM. It was incredible.

Was it her exquisite feather bra and thong outfit thinly-covered with a sheer black net mesh? Or was it the fact that she also dominated me wearing only a gold spandex catsuit?

Was it her decision to let me see her in action in the mirror as she strapped and whipped me to heighten the effect of the corporal? Was it the way she put the spandex onto my gagged mouth to tease me in my helpless state? Was it how she laid her body on my restrained torso to accentuate the electrical pulsing through my most sensitive parts? Was it the way her long hair fell across my face as she body-pressed me into subspace before my caning? Was it the way she was able to simultaneously manipulate all my parts in the sling from a sitting position?

Yes, it was all of these, but much more. She has a way of knowing my inner thoughts and desires. She controls not only my body, but also my mind. I am so glad to be completely hers.

If you have not had your world rocked in this way, I suggest you try it. You will never be the same again.