The Compound....Panacea....truly a cure all for my soul.

i had the amazing opportunity to spend an entire day at The Compound and to serve both Ms Irene Boss and my dearest Master Ingrid. Words simply cannot adequately express the experience with both of these glorious and breathtaking Ladies.

And The Compound, oasis for anyone that is blessed enough to possess a heart, soul, and a creative kinky mind with the courage to stretch O/one’s imagination beyond what many call ordinary.

When i opened the door to The Compound and shut it behind me all of the cares of the world, the obligations, worries, responsibilities,...all of the, “have too’s” that life constantly requires of each of us were not invited in. Simply passing through the door of this transcendent labyrinth, i felt transformed almost immediately. Upon entry, It felt as though my surroundings all were waiting just for me. The sounds of the soothing yet enticingly erotic music, the glow of burning candles, the scent....mmmmmm......

Butterflies in my stomach not unlike a school boy waiting to see his first object of affection, nervous even scared.....sooo many emotions flowed through my body and mind. Heart racing, breathing heavily.....following the pre visit instructions (which i studied many times over to ensure no mistakes would be committed) i ascended into this biblical like museum of creative kink.

The extraordinary efforts that both of these remarkable Ladies choreographed for my visit were beyond comprehension. my deepest, heartfelt hope was to not to disappoint them. Ms Boss and Master Ingrid are very special Ladies with creative, intelligent minds matched by none i’ve met before.

The variety of activities We/We/we embarked upon over the day kept me in a state of “sub space” for much of the time. Mmmmm the flogging implements, the puppy theme, mmmm and one of my favorites “water sports” , makeup, foot worship, smoothie. Sooo much...and the rope suspension, OMG just heaven.

If true submission, a strong desire to serve breathtaking and intelligent Ladies and the yearning to cleanse yourself of all of life’s challenges you must consider a visit to The Compound. This past couple of months have been truly life changing for me. Don’t make the mistake i’ve made, being apprehensive and intimidated by these amazing rock stars of Our/our world.

Ms Boss has a set of established, well documented requirements. Trust me when i say, if you follow the process the experience you will have will stay with you a lifetime. my hope is that i’ve earned another visit to The Compound to once again serve these remarkable Ladies.

servant whore