Today was my lucky day. I was able to spend a few hours with Mistress Irene Boss at the Complex in Southern California. I feel like my life has been completely recharged. The flow of positive energy from this amazing Domme has transformed me. When complete domination meets complete submission, a deep connection can be made that supercedes the experiences we normally have in life. This may not always happen in BDSM, but when the Mistress is so adept at knowing the mind of the submissive, wonderful things happen and the positive energy flows. An incredible invigorating feeling has been infused in me today through her exquisite domination and this complete power exchange.

As I reflect on the bondage, the CBT, the NT, the electrical, and the corporal, I am exhilarated. These were all special moments. Even the painful caning that will allow me to wear her stripes for many days to come is an exciting memory as I think of what followed.

If you need a boost in your life and are submissive, it is time to session.